Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: What time is the Lunar Eclipse tonight?

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: What time is the Lunar Eclipse tonight?


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People often associate lunar events with nighttime, but today’s Full Moon Eclipse took place in the morning. Don’t worry if you missed it, the horoscope still stands and the Moon will still be Full tonight. Express.co.uk reveals the exact time the Eclipse occurred and the horoscope for the Full Moon

Lunar Eclipses happen on a Full Moon when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth.

The Full Moon blocks the light of the Sun from shining on the Moon, making the Moon appear darkened as it passes through the Earth’s shadow.

Tonight there’s a partial Lunar Eclipse and it is the longest one for 580 years peaking for nearly three and a half hours.

A total Lunar Eclipse turns the Moon a deep, dark red colour, but tonight is only a partial Eclipse.

Because only part of the Moon travels through the Earth’s full ‘umbral’ shadow, only a small section of the Moon will be covered by the umbra at maximum eclipse.

In short, only a section of the Moon will be this reddish colour.

What time is the Lunar Eclipse tonight?

In the UK, the Eclipse was at 8.57am GMT, but the horoscope will stay the same throughout the rest of the day.

The Moon will still be Full tonight, which makes tonight an amazing time to manifest and do Moon rituals.

The Full Moon is in the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus in astrology.

Moon Mentor at the author of Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon Cycles, Kirsty Gallagher, describes a Full Moon in Taurus as a time to “get right into the dirt, into the earth and into whatever you bury.”

She added: “It’s going to stir up and bring to the surface who and what triggers you at your deepest level.

“It’s going to shine a Full Moonlight on your deepest insecurities and all the things you allow to go unsaid and unheard.

“Everything you push below the surface is going to come back up, but only so you can see it, feel it, learn from it, heal it and rise from it.”

Tonight, Kirsty recommends doing an emotional cleanse, which involves letting go of old emotions, blame, resentment, and anything that has been keeping you stuck this year.

She said: “Make a list of anything holding you back and use the Moon to release it in the coming days.”

You should also try to “feel at home in you”, and you can use this Moon to figure out how you can learn to love and accept yourself more – perhaps through affirmations?

Let go of any “wobbly or unstable” foundations and start to find “firmer” ones.

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