Female Orgasm day: Best moves for a mind-blowing finish

Female Orgasm day: Best moves for a mind-blowing finish


According to figures, 68% of women have admitted to faking an orgasm with their partner.

And athough the female orgasm lasts slightly longer than a man’s, at least 68% of ladies experience a climax with a familiar partner.

Which means a lot of women still don’t reach the big-O during sexual activity.

Now to celebrate Female Orgasm Day, we spoke to an expert from Hims, a personal wellness brand, to discuss how women can overcome this.

“Partners can help their partners orgasm by more ways than just penetration.”

Capri Fiello

Capri Fiello, of Hims, told Daily Star Online: “Contrary to popular belief, partners can help their partners orgasm by more ways than just penetration.

“Experimentation with toys, roleplaying and erogenous zones can also help bring women to climax.

“There’s a clear disparity in the number of orgasms between men and women, but it isn’t just a female problem.

“Male partners should be receptive to feedback and experimentation so both partners can come to climax.”

2. Spooning sex

This position will allow you to combine penetration by a penis or toy with clitoral stimulation.

Use a vibrator, pillow or hand to stimulate the clit for double the pressure.

The clit will be engorged with the added stimulus and should lead to a stronger orgasm.

Alternatively, try other sex positions that allow easy clitoral access like reverse cowgirl or tabletop.

3. Nipple-play

Use fingers, sucking or clamps to stimulate the nerves in the nipples, some women can just orgasm through just this, but it can make them wetter.

This method can feel even more powerful during menstruation.

4. Switching it up for multiple orgasms

The area of the last orgasm will likely be too sensitive for another orgasm so focus on a new area, or switch up your approach.

Try sandwiching the labia between your fingers and rubbing it over the clitoris to quickly orgasm again.

5. Masturbation

At least 22% of women say they’ll never masturbate, but it can be a great source of self-exploration in order to determine what you like.

Consider using toys like a vibrator, dildo or butt plug to learn what stimulation will strengthen your orgasms with a partner.

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