Family rages as £36 KFC bucket arrives with 27 pieces of chicken missing

Family rages as £36 KFC bucket arrives with 27 pieces of chicken missing


A dad was fuming after ordering a KFC 'Party Bucket' that had 27 pieces of chicken missing when it arrived.

Steve Hunt, from Norwich, ordered the Matchday deal for his family-of-four.

The promotion promised 14 pieces of chicken, eight mini fillets, eight hot wings and a large serving of Popcorn Chicken.

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It was also supposed to come with six portions of fries, a big tub of coleslaw, gravy and a 1.5L bottle of Pepsi.

Sadly, the fast food feast didn't live up to expectations.

The bucket arrived with three bits of chicken, a bottle of Tropicana OJ and a couple of 'burnt bits'.

The fuming 48-year-old contacted KFC and Deliveroo but was told his order had "been fulfilled".

He said: "I had just got a new job and we were celebrating with a KFC.

"Me, my wife and the boys – Myro, 15, and Sonny, 12 – were starving and our mouths were watering at the prospect of a delivery from the Colonel.

"When it arrived, my wife Syreeta shouted from the kitchen asking why I had ordered just for myself.

"I went through and looked at the bucket – which has three bits of chicken in it and a couple of burnt scraps.

"I went to open the bag and all that was there was a tiny bottle of orange juice, which we hadn't even ordered.

"Where were the other 27 bits of chicken, the popcorn chicken, the fries, the gravy, the coleslaw, the Pepsi?"

To avoid further disappointment, the family snubbed KFC and paid £30 for McDonald's instead.

Steve said: "Colonel Sanders has really let us down – this has got to be the worst culinary miscarriage of justice of all time."

A spokesperson for Deliveroo apologised to the family – giving them a full refund as well as £50 in credit.

They said: "We're sorry to hear that Mr Hunt didn't have a great experience with his order.

"We've now refunded Mr Hunt and apologise for the disappointment – and would like to wish him all the best in his new job."


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