Everything you need to know about the Dark Moon

Everything you need to know about the Dark Moon


You may have heard of a Full or New Moon, but there are also other lunar phases with their own cosmic influences.

Have you heard of the Dark Moon? It’s a powerful phase right before new moon which allows you to just be.

Read on to discover everything you need to know to tap into this phase’s powerful energy.

What is a Dark Moon?

Often confused with the New Moon (because it occurs right before it), the Dark Moon describes the last visible crescent of a waning Moon (so it looks almost invisible). This is the three days (or so) before the New Moon when the sky is dark.

Some people call this short phase the ‘dead Moon’ because the lunar face is in total darkness, there is no solar reflection.

The dark lasts about three days before the new crescent appears.

For many, the New Moon begins at the moment of the sun-moon conjunction, but for others, it remains the dark moon until that crescent is in view.

What lunar influence does the Dark Moon exert?

The dark before the dawn, almost literally. This phase is a time to turn inwards, just be with your own thoughts, settle down and tune in. No action, no pressure, no to-do list. Just existing and letting things flow, letting life be whatever it is when you stop exerting influence over it.

The Dark Moon lures us toward our deepest self, our sincere longings, our dormant desires. The insights we only really receive when we are completely still, quiet, and almost ‘blank’.

Just as nature teaches us, all of life is an ebb and flow, endings and beginnings. We see in the trees during autumn how their leaves turn colour, die and shed… ready for new growth to appear in spring. The dark moon is the autumn of the lunar phase cycle.

What activities should I do on a Dark Moon?

Well, in essence, as little as possible! The New Moon is the activation, initiation, creation and ‘get busy’ time of the cycle so these few days are like the calm before the storm, the deep breath before the plunge.

You might feel tired or crave quiet solitude. It’s important to make space deep rest, relaxation, reflection and meditation. Be still. Let yourself have permission for that. It’s okay.

When you remove the busyness and the distractions from your schedule and let your mind freefall…. What remains? Where do you go mentally? What daydreams emerge? What’s on your mind?

This phase can also be a time to indulge in physical pleasure, in whatever way that comes naturally to you. Be it a moonlit walk, a long swim, a full body massage, a long and passionate lovemaking evening with your lover, a beautiful series of meals and drinks prepared from scratch, or a strenuous workout and steam session.

What brings your body pleasure? Do more of it right now.

The Dark Moon is a great time for a digital detox, too. Turning off, or radically limiting, your contact with screens. Setting aside great swathes of time where you’re just not allowed to scroll, read, tinker, text or message. Let the outside world wait.

Being outside, looking up at the sky, seeing the stars, glimpsing the crescent of the moon. When we look up we’re automatically removed from our humdrum everyday world, we’re reminded of our insignificance, our little-ness, and this can serve to help us turn off from the incessant busyness we seem to seek. Looking up resets our perspective, our place, our position.

The Dark Moon is also a great time to practice psychic protection and think about steps you can take, come the New Moon, to remove toxic people, places, roles or situations from your life.

Gather your dark-coloured (protective) or clear/white-coloured (cleansing) crystals and meditate about releasing the fear, tenseness, anxiety and stress of these bonds. Melt them away. Write down your intentions and charge your crystals with them so you can use them as portable talismans.

When is the next Dark Moon?

Right before the New Moon (the three days before), which is on October 25, November 23 and December 23 in 2022.

This time around, pay attention to this lunar phase and use its energy for deep rest, clearance and resetting.

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