Everything we know about Dream Team Draft: The best new fantasy football game to play in 2019/20

Everything we know about Dream Team Draft: The best new fantasy football game to play in 2019/20


We’re already looking forward to the new fantasy football season.

The Premier League fixtures for the 2019/20 campaign have been released, all 20 Premier League teams and players are rounding off their holidays ahead of pre-season, and there’s a host of big names linked with moves to the big boys.

And there’s one very exciting new addition coming to Dream Team. 

For the coming season, we at Dream Team are excited to announce the launch of the eagerly-anticipated Draft game.

Draft is shaping up to be the most exciting way to play fantasy football, as it serves to test your managerial skills and hone your eye for a gap in the market.

What is Dream Team Draft and how is it different?

Draft pits you in a league against other managers as you try to build a 15-man squad to takes you to the top.

Sounds about the same, right?

But there’s a succulent twist, as at the start of the season you’ll take part in a live draft to choose your team, with no players in the league duplicated.

That’s right, if you have Mohamed Salah in your team, then that means Bob from HR doesn’t.

The game weeks work on a head-to-head basis, pitting you up against another manager in your league with three points for a win, zero points for a loss and one point for a draw.

What is the Live Draft and how do I pick my players?

It’s all down to the league chairman, who’ll be in charge of setting the specific rules.

Generally, the Live Draft will take place before the start of your league season and will give you a set time in each round to pick a player – with 15 picks in total – in an order following the ‘reverse snake’ format.

There’s no slithering involved, that just means that if you have the first pick in the first round, then you’ll have the last pick in the second round, the first pick in the third round, and so on.

You can also host a Draft at any point in the season, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t get going before it all kicks off on August 9th.

Most importantly, there are no budget restraints to stick to and no player values.

What if I really want a certain player in the draft, or I’m unhappy with the players I’ve picked?

To help yourself out, you can make a ‘watchlist’ before the Live Draft to keep track of the players you’re looking to sign.

You can also set lists to make sure you get the player you want, even if you happen to miss a round or two.

There’s also the ability to trade with other managers in your league, as long as you’re not in the middle of an active game week or during a lockout.

You can also sign ‘free agents’, as there will inevitably be players that haven’t been picked in the initial Live Draft, who are essentially new signings that haven’t been picked by any other manager.

How do I join a Draft league and how can I customise it?

There are three ways you can join a league.

You can create a league and invite your friends and family to join, get invited to a private league that has already been created, or join one of the public leagues and face off against different managers from around the world.

As far as customisation goes, you can set a number of different rules for your league that affect the Live Draft and the season itself.

Stay tuned to all the latest updates – including information about when you can sign up – by downloading our app and following Dream Team on Twitter.

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