Elon Musk’s Daily Routine Offers Tips To Being Highly Productive

Elon Musk’s Daily Routine Offers Tips To Being Highly Productive


When it comes to success and having a consistent daily routine, there is a strong correlation between the two. Tesla’s Elon Musk shares his daily routine which offers tips to being highly productive.

Billionaire Elon Musk didn’t wake up overnight as the world-renowned tech icon that he is known to be. As the founder and CEO of not one, but several companies, the 45-year-old is productive because he has to get the job done. But, how does he do it all? It all starts with his morning routine.

He Sticks to the Same Sleep Schedule

In past interviews, Musk shared that despite working a staggering 85-100 hour work week, he found his sweet spot of 6 hours of sleep to be sufficient for his body and mind. He sticks to a regular bedtime of 1 AM and wakes up at 7 AM. For some, little sleep is a frightful thought, but the productive billionaire found that it certainly works for his insane lifestyle.

In a 2015 Reddit interview, Musk shared that his sleep routine. “Sleep is really great. I find if I don’t get enough sleep I’m quite grumpy. I could drop below a certain threshold of sleep, although I would be awake more hours I would get less done because my mental acuity would be affected,” he stated.

He Keeps His Mornings Simple

You probably won’t find Elon Musk mindlessly scrolling through social media in the mornings huddled over a lavish breakfast. The Tesla CEO shared that in order to stay super productive, he will usually skip breakfast, sans for the usual coffee and omelet on the run, according to Balance The Grind. It has also been noted that when Musk does sit down to eat, he is usually finished in five minutes or less.

He Makes Sure to Always Get a Morning Shower In

As reported by Business Insider, no matter how busy the billionaire gets, he makes time for a shower. Musk shared this easy yet effective daily habit has a greater positive impact on him than any of his other daily habits.

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He Breaks Up His Busy Schedule In 5-Minute Slots

The moment Elon Musk’s feet his the ground in the morning, he is set for an intense schedule that breaks up his time into five-minute slots. The entrepreneur is a very busy man, where not every workday is alike. Splitting his time at SpaceX in Los Angeles and to the Bay Area to oversee work at Tesla, Musk has been estimated that he spends 80% of his time on engineering and design.

He Finds The Time For Family

Elon Musk has five children while juggling multiple businesses, but the busy mogul carves in time every day to send off his kids to school, according to CNBC. Musk shared in a 2013 interview that he juggles emails while spending time with his sons.

“What I find is I’m able to be with them and still be on email. I can be with them and still be working at the same time … If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to get my job done,” he stated.

He Multitasks, Like A Boss

Of course, a successful billionaire has to master the art of multitasking, and that’s no different with Elon Musk. The chief designer of SpaceX calls his art of juggling multiple workloads “batching”. So he doesn’t fall behind, it has been noted that Musk often works on his phone while sitting in meetings. Business Insider has also noted that to keep his workday on track, Musk forgoes telephone calls in favor of emails and texts.

He Makes Time For Himself, Too

Elon Musk just doesn’t work an insane amount of time during his week– he also makes time for himself. To stay in shape, the 45-year-old CEO has been reported to hit the gym once or twice a week. Musk also dabbled in Taekwondo, karate, judo, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which keeps his mind and body healthy.

But one of Musk’s favorite self-care hobbies? Reading. Business Insider reported that some of his favorite titles include The Lord of the Rings,” biographies of innovators like Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein, and an obscure 87-year-old history book on adventurers called “Twelve Against the Gods.”

In conclusion, Elon Musk’s productive daily routine consists of getting the right amount of sleep and canceling out the noise. He batches up his work and splits time between Los Angeles and San Francisco. For one of the world’s richest men on the planet, Elon Musk gets the job done, and it’s all thanks to a productive daily lifestyle.

“Focus on signal over noise. Don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t actually make things better.”

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