Elephant rams through kitchen wall to swipe Thai family’s food

Elephant rams through kitchen wall to swipe Thai family’s food


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A hungry elephant redefined “breaking and entering” after ramming through the wall of a Thai family’s home and eating their food.

“It was funny to see the elephant like that but also I’m worried he could come back again,” resident Rachadawan Phungprasopporn told Newsflare of the supersized snack-jacker, named Plai Bunchuay, that committed the crime in Hua Hin in southern Thailand.

The fiasco happened around 2 a.m. when flabbergasted resident Phungprasopporn and her husband were reportedly woken up by a strange noise. They rushed to the kitchen to see what was amiss, whereupon they saw an Asian elephant with giant tusks rummaging around in their pantry with its trunk. At one point, the pilfering pachyderm even swiped a bag of rice, which it shoved in its mouth.

Thankfully, Rachadawan’s husband was on hand to shoo away the intruder, which disappeared into the forest.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t the stealthiest snack attack. Accompanying footage showed an elephant-shaped hole in the wall that the thieving tusker had reportedly rammed its head through, à la the Kool-Aid Man mascot.

“The wall will cost about 50,000 Baht (US $1,579.73) to repair,” lamented Phungprasopporn of the incident, which is unfortunately not the daring dumbo’s first run-in with people.

The colossal culprit, apparently notorious for making mischief, “came to the house about two months ago and was looking around,” according to the aggrieved homeowner. Thankfully, he didn’t damage anything that time, she said.

Phungprasopporn has since reported the bizarre burglary to wildlife officials, who advised them to, ironically, keep food out of the kitchen because the smell attracts elephants.

“The most likely explanation for this situation is that the elephant smelled the food and wanted to eat it,” said conservation officer Supanya Chengsutha.

And while packaged rice may seem like an odd item for an elephant to like, Chengsutha explained that the species’ “eating habits have changed” as they’ve increasingly come into contact with humans.

“They have started to like the food that people eat,” he added of the wild animals, whose numbers total 2,000 in Thailand.

This behemoth burglar isn’t the only elephant wreaking havoc on humans. A herd of wayward pachyderms recently went viral for trekking over 300 miles across China, forcing whole cities to evacuate and causing millions of dollars worth of economic damage.

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