Dior releases $150 reusable straws online

Dior releases $150 reusable straws online


Eco-friendly – but NOT economical! Dior baffles social media by releasing fashionable reusable glass straws – for the whopping price of $150

  • The eco-friendly straws are for sale on Dior’s British e-commerce store
  • Its Red Toile de Jouy box includes six glass straws painted in gold 
  • The cover of the box then features a similar vintage design to other Dior items
  • People online were shocked by the price and cracked fun jokes
  • Dior’s reusable straws come as more and more people are turning to eco-friendly options to limit the plastic waste put out into the environment  

High-end fashion brand Dior has stunned social media users after unveiling a set of reusable glass straws for the staggering price of $150.  

Reusable straw have come into fashion, literally, in the last few years as calls for people to be more eco-friendly have increased. 

Dior decided to jump on the eco-friendly train by releasing a straw set on its British e-commerce store for £120, which is about $150 — but the product is currently not available on the U.S. site. 

Eco-friendly: Dior will sell $150 reusable straws to match its popular vintage pattern

Designer straws: Its Red Toile de Jouy box includes six glass straws painted in gold

Funny: After news broke about the expensive straws, people online shared their thoughts about the item 

Ignoring all the peasants: Many people cracked funny jokes about what they would do with the expensive straws 

Fan: One person even said she was a fan of the expensive straws for her own bar cart 

Red Toile de Jouy box includes six gold-tone, hand-painted and hand-blown glass straws, meaning that they retail for around £20, or $25, each.

Three of the straws are all gold while the other three show a gold spiraled motif. 

The six straws come in a vintage-looking red package that fits the design of many Dior designer home items. 

People online appeared shocked by the hefty price tag attached to the reusable straws, and some used the opportunity to crack a few jokes about the new product. 

‘Sipping my iced coffee with my Dior straw. Don’t touch me,’ one person hilariously wrote about the product. 

Another person tweeted: ‘I only want these $150 gold dior straws if they come with a cake i can tell the peasants to eat.’ 

One consumer, upon reflecting on the price and type of product, thought the cost was actually reasonable. 

‘After breaking it all down i’m honestly not mad about the dior straws, it’s an investment for your bar cart,’ the Dior fan wrote. 

There was one person, though, who thought the idea of a designer brand selling $150 reusable straws as ‘vulgar’. 

‘I think these are rather vulgar,’ the consumer wrote. ‘Sustainability shouldn’t come at a cost, it should be the norm, not something for those who can afford it…’ 

Dior’s reusable straws are not the only option on the market, though. 

Other companies have launched reusable alternatives that come at a more reasonable price point.  

Dior adding the item to its home collection was potentially inspired by changes from other people and businesses around the world attempting to reduce the amount of plastic waste disposed in the environment. 

An estimated 500 million plastic straws are used in America alone every single day, according to Strawless Ocean. 

Companies like Starbucks, Hyatt and American Airlines all ditched the straws to commit to an eco-friendly alternative, so Dior’s straws might be another reusable, and expensive, alternative for beverage drinkers.  

The toile de Jouy design that now adorns many Dior products has actually first been on the walls of the founding desinger’s first boutique since 1947. Recently, the design was upgraded now to be featured on many products, including the new straws. 

Dior also sells a notebooks ($54), candles ($460) and plates ($) with a similar vintage-pattern across the surface. 

Now consumers can decide for themselves if the fashionable and eco-friendly reusable straws are in their budget.  

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