Deadpool Bikers Club: Inside Ryan Reynolds Expensive Motorcycle Collection

Deadpool Bikers Club: Inside Ryan Reynolds Expensive Motorcycle Collection



Growing up in Vancouver, Canada, Ryan Reynolds first landed a role for television on a Canadian teen soap opera and went on to get recurring roles in shows and made-for-TV movies. After appearing in notable movies like Blade: Trinity and The Proposal, Reynolds earned worldwide acclaim for starring in and as Deadpool in 2016, becoming the highest-grossing R-Rated film ever. Since then, the actor has not only ventured into voice acting but also invested in business ventures, including Mint Mobile and Aviation Gin. There are many pursuits in his life, including a young family, but when Reynolds wants to spend time with himself, he turns to his hobby of riding a bike.

Ryan Reynolds is one of the few actors in Hollywood who has an ever-growing passion for bikes and continues to grow his collection by customizing his favorite models through notable brands. As someone who thinks riding a bike is a self-meditating process, his rides offer him the ultimate escape to peace. Let’s look at the most expensive motorcycles in Ryan Reynolds’ collection.

6 Retro Triumph Thruxton by Kott Motorcycles ($35,000)


Owner of Kott Motorcycles Dustin Kott is reputed for designing exceptionally proportioned bikes. According to Motorcycle News, Reynolds contacted Kott in 2015 to have Dustin custom design the pre-2016 model. While the actor helped suggest the build and riding position, Kott transformed the build by adding an XS1100 fuel tank by Yamaha. Other modifications included putting the ECU Unit under the seat pan and Hagon Nitro rear shocks. Along with adding custom rear seats, the bike was painted in the shade of deep red to resemble the suit of his infamous lead character in Deadpool.

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5 2004 Triumph Bonneville ($7,499)


A longtime Triumph fan, he added a 2004 Bonneville to his collection soon after its release. During an interview, Ryan Reynolds stated that he had had a long-term relationship with Bonneville as it is one of the first bikes he purchased since gaining stardom. The bike is a predictable yet comfortable ride as the narrow body helps easily maneuver through traffic and small streets. The actor has had several modifications done over the years, and he mentioned that he had toured America three times on the Bonneville.

4 Raccia Motorcycles’ Honda CB750 ($9,500)


A fan of Raccia Motorcycles, Ryan Reynolds admitted to deeply researching bike designer Mike LeFountain on the internet before getting in touch. He was inspired by the Japanese term Wabi-Sabi meaning finding perfection in imperfections to have the bike customized. Reynolds chose the Honda CB750 as it was the first bike he learned to ride, as noted by Yahoo Autos. He had bought that bike for $600 and used it until it was battered and put down. The exterior of the motorcycle was heavily worked by Raccia, and it took around seven months to upgrade and make the cosmetic changes.

3 1964 Triumph 650 ($7,995)


The 1964 Triumph 650 is one of the most special bikes in Ryan Reynolds’ collection. As mentioned by Motorious, the bike was custom-made by The Factory Metal Works and is nicknamed the 9 o’clock Gun for the naval cannon fired in Canada. The 650 was tweaked by Lucas Joyner, who lowered the entrance forks, added a Wassell Banana Tank from the 1960s, and incorporated a customized TFMW body. The chrome-clad ride was made using traditional construction with a little twist.

2 BMW R nineT ($15,995)


While the BMW R nineT gained traction in 2022 after the release of The Batman as it was Catwoman’s ride, Ryan Reynolds has owned his ride for a long time. After the purchase, he customized the bike through Jane Motorcycles. At the same time, there is no information about the modifications in the engine specs. Its silver metal body was reworked to give it a classy and immaculate shine.

1 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 ($10,495)


A rare bike in Reynolds’ collection, the Ducati Paul Smart 1000 fits the vintage category of bikes that the actor has always loved. The limited edition was inspired by the Ducati 750 Imola Desmo from 1972 for its design and has adopted a smooth, elegant look. It was first released in 2006 and named after racer Paul Smart to commemorate his win at the Imola 200 that changed the course of the future for Ducati in racing. The actor was first spotted riding his bike in Los Angeles in 2009 ahead of his The Proposal promotional tour in the city, as stated by Auto Evolution.

Another bike the actor reportedly owns is a 1962 BMW R60 with a sidecar, but Reynolds has never confirmed if he owns it. As an avid bike rider, it is no surprise that Reynolds likes to customize his rides how he wants for optimum pleasure. While he hasn’t been spotted riding the bikes in public, the actor admitted to riding them in remote locations.

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