Couples trying for a baby should avoid 'quickies' and focus on enjoying themselves in the bedroom, scientists say | The Sun

Couples trying for a baby should avoid 'quickies' and focus on enjoying themselves in the bedroom, scientists say | The Sun


COUPLES trying to conceive should avoid a 'quickie', new research has found.

Medics at the University of Sheffield said prospective parents should focus on 'enjoying' themselves between the sheets for optimal success.

The experts said this would 'boost' men's sperm count as they become more excited.

Writing in the journal Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, the experts looked at 63 sperm donors who supplied several samples in a clinic.

They found that in some cases, counts were 58 per cent higher when men used virtual reality pornographic material.

This, the experts say, is because it made them feel as though they were taking part in the experience, rather than just watching.

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The study looked specifically at porn, but the experts said it would also apply to real life encounters.

Medics looked at the number of swimming 'motile' sperm in the samples.

This is important as medics say it's a good indicator of fertility.

If men didn't ejaculate for 14 hours after watching the porn, they produced 33million extra motile sperm.

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Co-author Allan Pacey, professor of men’s health at the University of Sheffield, said the study proves that having good sex can help couples trying to conceive a baby.

"It is not just about having a quickie on the day of the month when the woman is ovulating.

"There is growing evidence men produce better sperm samples for conceiving when they are more aroused," he told the Daily Mail.

Fertility expert and medical adviser to Twoplus Fertility, Dr Michael Eisenberg previously said that there are a range of things you can do if you're struggling to conceive.

He explained that avoiding fast food is key, as studies have previously shown that trans-fat intake was associated with lower fertility.

Dr Eisenberg also said that having regular sex – means a better chance at conceiving.

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