Chef shares roast potato hack to make crispy spuds for Xmas Day – with a twist

Chef shares roast potato hack to make crispy spuds for Xmas Day – with a twist

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    A Masterchef judge has shared her secret recipe for an amazing roast potato recipe that comes just in time for Christmas dinner.

    Poppy O'Toole, who is Michelin-trained and recently appeared on BBC Three's Young Masterchef, showed fans how a "fancy" Christmas dinner can be done.

    She explained to her 3million fans on TikTok, saying: "These are my garlic, shallot and herb wine reduction roast potatoes and they are absolutely delicious.

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    "We are going to bubble some potatoes in some stock, leave them to steam dry, get them into a hot tray of oil lying in the oven.

    "Then sprinkle over a little bit of hot oil to make sure they get nice and crispy."

    She then leaves the potatoes in the oven at 180C with a fan setting for 50 minutes.

    In the meantime, she shows fans how to create a delicious sauce.

    "We've got some rosemary, some thyme chopped up nice and fine," Poppy said.

    "We've got garlic chopped up, got shallot nice and diced.

    "Finally get them into a hot pan and pour some white wine – you're gonna reduce it down, add the shallot, garlic.

    "Once it's reduced by half, add in butter and your herb.

    "When your potatoes are done, toss them in and get them coated until it's got this lovely, acidic, herbal, garlicky deliciousness for your Christmas dinner."

    The crispy potatoes left fans drooling, with one saying: "I'm going to have to serve an entire Christmas dinner of nothing BUT potatoes."

    "These look so amazing and I bet the smell is just amazing!" a second added.

    "I can't wait to try them, it's more like a snack for me while waiting for my Christmas dinner!" a third said.


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