Cheating boyfriend caught out live on radio leaving heartbroken partner in tears

Cheating boyfriend caught out live on radio leaving heartbroken partner in tears


A lying boyfriend has been caught out cheating by his devastated partner – when he made plans with his lover on a live radio show.

While sleeping around is a fairly common cause of many relationships breaking down, few can claim to have been exposed for their cheating on live radio.

Vying for the title of one of the most cringe-inducing moments ever broadcast, New Zealand presenter duo Sharyn and Jayden decided to try and help a suspicious listener find out if their partner was cheating by setting up a fake call.

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Conducting the experiment on their show The Edge, the hosts set up plans for the boyfriend’s lover’s birthday and exposed his ongoing affair to the dismay of his listening girlfriend.

Posing as Virginia, a friend of the anonymous woman, Sharyn told the boyfriend: “We’re organising a surprise party and I just need a little bit of help with some stuff, like to invite some of her friends from work, because you guys work together right?

After this first detail had been confirmed, Sharyn began to suggest that an even more intimate relationship existed between the pair, hoping to catch the man out.

“You could see if she wanted to go out on a date, and then you guys could go for dinner somewhere nearby and then you could bring her up at like 8pm,” she suggested.

“Because you guys are official now, like boyfriend/girlfriend right? So it wouldn’t be weird if you take her on a date?”

The man started to stumble at this point, before eventually admitting: “I guess you could say we are, we’re mates but I guess it’s a bit more serious than that.”

Bang to rights, the cheating boyfriend was then asked the killer question.

“When you ask her out on the date, will you put that on your calendar and will you also put it in your girlfriend’s calendar,” Sharyn asked, with Jayden visibly wincing in the background.

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The boyfriend quickly attempted to bacKtrack, responding: “Maybe you do have the wrong [anonymous woman’s name]…

The call ended abruptly, and the show’s hosts checked in on the shattered girlfriend who had been lied to by her partner.

“I knew that it probably was real, but it’s kind of f***ed up when you hear it,” she confessed, tearfully.

After the initial story from December recently went viral, Sharyn and Jayden caught up with the shunned girlfriend recently, where she revealed that her now ex-boyfriend had apologised before she had blocked him and moved on with her life.


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