Cardi B’s nails have a mind of their own in new Reebok ad

Cardi B’s nails have a mind of their own in new Reebok ad


Nailed it.

Cardi B appears in a new ad for Reebok wearing the brand’s classic Club C 85 Vintage sneakers ($75), but what really stands out is her fresh set of freakishly long fingernails.

In the video short, entitled “Nails,” the 26-year-old “Money” rapper is getting glammed up in a local beauty parlor chatting with a friend about a guy when the whole salon notices her shoelaces are untied.

While onlookers seem to panic, Cardi stays calm, saying “hold up” as her signature manicured nails magically start to grow down her leg to reach down and tie her kicks with the greatest of ease.

According to a press release, the short film “[brings] her prized nails to life in a completely unexpected way. The film is a salute to Cardi’s own life experience, which saw her challenge expectations to become a self-made maven and incorporates boundary-pushing nail art that has become an iconic feature of her style.”

As for her vintage sneakers? The Club C 85 launched in the ’80s as a performance shoe before “transcending its functional origins to become a standard of contemporary style.”

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