Cadbury brings back Creme Egg ‘Layers of Joy’ dessert in time for Easter

Cadbury brings back Creme Egg ‘Layers of Joy’ dessert in time for Easter


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Creme Egg fans will be excited to hear that Cadbury is bringing back the Limited Edition 'Layers of Joy' dessert in time for Easter.

Fans of Creme Egg will know the chocolate treats are hard to find for most of the year.

However, come Easter time, there are a number of Creme Egg food products on the market.

And the 'Layers of Joy' dessert is definitely one of the yummiest on the market.

The pudding is a layer sharing dessert made from Cadbury's milk chocolate, which features a chocolate mousse, along with chocolate chip & cookie fondant, complete with a creamy topping.

According to popular Instagram page newfoodsuk, the dessert is available to by at Asda.

Fans seemed excited as a photo of the dessert was shared on the Instagram page alongside the news.

One exclaimed: "You know what time it is," as another added: "Creme eggs are everything."

A third admitted: "I feel like I could eat a lot of these."

As a fourth chimed in: "That's the healthy eating out of the window."

As well as original creme eggs and the 'Layers of Joy' dessert, Cadbury also offer Mini Creme Eggs, Creme Egg Choc Cakes, Creme Egg ice cream and even Creme Egg mayo.

The reintroduction of the Creme Egg dessert comes as Cadbury released a new advert for the chocolate brand.

The new advert celebrating, which celebrates Creme Egg's 50th-anniversary, shows two men kissing with a Creme Egg in an LGBT+ friendly message as it gets ready for the Easter season.

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