Bullfighting crowd flee in terror as bull leaps into stands to attack spectators

Bullfighting crowd flee in terror as bull leaps into stands to attack spectators


This is the horrifying moment a bull leaps into the audience at a festival and starts attacking spectators.

Footage of the incident in Vidreres near Girona in north-east Spain shows the beast jumping the barrier and running amok in the stands before it was shot dead by police.

One person is in a critical condition, another is seriously injured and 17 others were hurt during the rampage.

The powerful animal jumped out of the arena when a group of men were trying to show off their skill by dodging it and it charged them.

Most of the screaming spectators ran for safety although some could be seen trying to grab its tail or horns to bring it under control.

Others were filmed taking refuge in the space under the benches the public had been sat on before the animal jumped..

The bull managed to find a way out of the arena and reach a car park in a nearby wooded area, sparking more panic outside, before it was shot.

The incident happened just after 7.30pm on Sunday, during annual festivities in Vidreres.

The two most seriously injured spectators were taken to Josep Trueta Hospital in Girona

Another two people were taken to Santa Caterina Hospital but most of the injured were treated at the scene.

Scores of animal rights campaigners took to social media to voice their disgust at the show, saying it was hypocritical to ban bullfighting in Catalonia but allow these sorts of events to continue.

Vidreres Town Hall said in a statement after the drama: “Vidreres Town Hall regrets the incident that happened on Sunday in which a bull has left several people injured.

“The police have launched an investigation.”

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