Brits left cackling at treasonous amateur Coronation pizza with whopper ears

Brits left cackling at treasonous amateur Coronation pizza with whopper ears


A Brit decided to show their patriotism by making a Coronation pizza – but some said it's an act of "treason".

King Charles' Coronation is coming up this weekend and so people are getting into the royal spirit.

Some are camping along The Mall to secure the best spot on Saturday (May 6) while others are dressing in Union Jack bikinis to show their respect for the new King.

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However, one amateur chef's offering is questionable to say the least.

The royal-enthusiast decided to rustle up a pizza in the shape of King Charles' face – and ears.

Along with a tomato sauce base and mozzarella cheese to create the facial features, the sourdough pizza featured onions for hair and herbs for the pupils.

They even gave the King in food form a crown made of French fries with jewels designed from jalapeños.

Proud of their big eared creation, the budding pizza chef posted a snap of it onto the Casual UK subreddit.

Despite their best efforts of the aptly named 'Coronation Pizza', not everyone seemed to think that the celebratory pizza had an uncanny resemblance to the head of the Royals.

One person commented: "This is very cursed but a job well done."

Another user jibed: "The ears are too small."

While a third voiced: "Excellent.

"I'm impressed how it looks both cooked and uncooked at the same time."

Someone else mocked: "You Brits are so weird."

Meanwhile, a fifth declare: "Surely this is treason of some sort?"

Let us know in the comments what you think of the 'Coronation Pizza' – do you think King Charles would approve?

King Charles' Coronation Procession is set to be the largest ceremonial event in the UK since the 1950s.

On Saturday, May 6, after he is officially crowned King of the United Kingdom, Charles III will be joined by his wife Queen Camilla on a 1.3-mile trip through central London to greet the cheering crowds.

Daily Star have all you need to know about the big day on Saturday, and information can be found here.


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