British chippie flogs deep-fried Brussels sprouts – and sells out due to demand

British chippie flogs deep-fried Brussels sprouts – and sells out due to demand


Deep fried pigs in blankets are all the rage this year.

They're being sold at British chippies including Nottinghamshire's Bestwood Fisheries and the Jolly Fryer.

And they've also launched at Gino's Fryer, in Largs, North Ayrshire.

The takeaway has been battering and frying festive trimmings for four years – and even fries sprouts in the summer on request for some customers.

Owner Franca Sheridan, a 53-year-old from Largs, North Ayrshire, used to sell a full deep-fried Christmas dinner.

But five years after taking over the chippie, the gran-of-two has decided to stick to just sprouts and pigs in blankets instead.

Surprisingly, battered sprouts aren't as bad for you as they look.

A portion of ten sprouts costs £1 and comes in at around 10 calories.

The battered pigs in blankets are much more calorific though.

They come in portions of five (£2.95) or eight (£4.50) – with the smaller size packing almost 400 calories.

Customers who want to go all-out can order a combo meal of five sprouts and three pigs in blankets, which costs £2.50 and comes with a serving of chip shop gravy.

Franca said: "There was a chip shop down south doing it a few years ago – they were doing a standard chip shop sausage battered but I thought to get the frozen pigs in blankets that are made up…

"We've been doing it around four years but we've pared it down a little.

"We were doing it with stuffing balls and turkey dippers, sort of a Christmas dinner on a plate.

"The sprouts are just so popular – there as many haters as there are lovers.

"I've had to replenish stock already because they're so popular.

"When I post about them on Facebook, I get so many messages."

Franca added: "We keep it going until the first week of January.

"We're busy regardless all the time, regardless of whether it's the winter or not."

There is enough demand to keep them in stock year-round but Franca wants to keep things simple with the restaurant's already 'huge' menu.

Franca said: "Every year people ask for them – even in the summer – but we just keep it in the run-up to Christmas.

"Sometimes customers message me for the sprouts and I've ran to get frozen sprouts and done them for them, if I know they're coming in."

"Our menu's huge – it's big enough as it is to be doing stuff all year round.

"We have a vegan pan, a gluten-free pan and a regular pan so we can do the sprouts gluten-free and vegan as an option.

"We could do vegan pigs in blankets – but they're a lot dearer."

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