Brit gets roasted for sharing grubby tea mug as it puts people on edge

Brit gets roasted for sharing grubby tea mug as it puts people on edge


We're a nation who loves a cup of tea.

In fact, us Brits are so particular about our brew that we're often outraged by any little mistake.

Previously, one person was left raging about a cup of tea which had so much milk is was basically a "criminal offence".

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As we love the hot brew so much, it's fairly understandable for some mugs to get stained after some time.

Now one Reddit user was left absolutely disgusted by a person's grubby tea mug they had to share it online.

In a post shared on Tuesday afternoon, the caption read: "Brits who let their mugs get like this: who hurt you?"

The image shows the mug discoloured from the inside from the amount of times the person has enjoyed a brew.

It racked up over 4,800 upvotes in the space of a few hours – and it's safe to say some people were disgusted by it.

Out of the 720 comments, one wrote: "This puts me on edge," while another added: "F*** me! That's vile."

A third joked: "Perhaps it builds flavour like a wok!"

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While a fourth, who could relate to the problem, said: "That's mine after 3 cups of earl grey, even if it was washed that morning."

And a fifth less than impressed user also commented: "It's when it flakes off you have to wash the mug."

Others who have experienced discoloured mugs shared some advice to avoid the grim looking problem.

One explained: "Fill it with coke and let it sit for a while. Good as new."

In other news, one Brit was left "shaken" after an office worker filled the kettle with tea bags.

Someone had been putting tea bags into the kettle and then boiling the water instead of putting them into a mug.

A photo of the disgruntled office worker’s handmade note attached to the kettle was posted onto Twitter account No Context Brits.

In the stark warning penned in red felt tip along with a prominent full stop, the Brit declared: "Please do not put tea bags in kettle."

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