B&M is selling a slush puppie machine and it's an absolute bargain

B&M is selling a slush puppie machine and it's an absolute bargain


B&M IS selling a slush puppie machine for a bargain price so you can make the drinks for cheap at home.

In other words, you no longer have to wait until you're at the cinema or down the local bowling alley to get your nostalgic slush puppie fix.

The bargain shop has rolled out the machines for just £35, and it creates up to 1.1litres of the cooling drink in one go.

Better still, the machine allows you to tailor your ice preference which is perfect if you prefer your slush puppie to be on the chunkier side.

Facebook page Money Saver Online shared the good news with its followers, and one user wrote: "LOVE IT, WISH I COULD AFFORD IT."

While another, who tagger her friends, said: "We need this for our cocktails."

And a third one joked: "If you don’t buy me and Kady this, we are divorcing you."

Other retailers are also selling the machines but for a higher price tag – Amazon, for example, is selling it for £39.99.

Or you can pick up a slightly bigger version for another tenner at the retailer.

Argos also sells a slush puppie machine but this costs even more at £59.99.

B&M has more than 650 stores across the UK. You can find your nearest one using its store locator tool.

The bargain shop is also selling slush puppie ice pops for pennies and shoppers are going wild for them on social media.

Meanwhile, Iceland is selling retro ice creams including arctic roll and Neapolitan wafers.

And in another blast from the past, Morrisons has brought back Zoom ice lollies for the first time in 20 years.

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