Bin men surprise toddler best friend with garbage truck parade for 3rd birthday

Bin men surprise toddler best friend with garbage truck parade for 3rd birthday


If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, we have just the thing.

A group of bin men from Toronto decided to surprise their three-year-old friend who is ‘obsessed’ with garbage trucks.

The little one in question, Wolfgang Reader, was told by his mother he could only have a few guests for his birthday party this year, due to coronavirus restrictions.

But, without hesitation, Wolfgang said he wanted his bin men friends Drew and D.J to attend.

The workers have become great friends with Wolfgang over the years, always stopping to chat and see his brand new toys. And, throughout the pandemic, D.J. and Drew’s Friday visits have been the highlight of Wolfgang’s week.

So, when the toddler announced he wanted them at his party, mum Julia Wehkamp thought it wouldn’t be possible – as his birthday falls on a Wednesday this year, not on a Friday (when the bin men usually visit).

Thankfully, Wolfgang’s grandma was on the case. According to CBC, she wrote a letter to the city of Toronto, which explained her grandson was ‘obsessed’ with garbage trucks and politely asked if Drew and D.J. could attend the birthday gathering.

For three weeks the Reader family didn’t hear anything back, but on Wolfgang’s special day Drew and D.J.’s supervisor dropped by and said they had a special surprise in store.

Julia told CBC: ‘All of a sudden, the noise started and you saw coming down the street four garbage trucks blaring their horns. Guys are hanging out the window, screaming. And they pulled up out front and all the guys got out.

‘They brought him a whole bunch of presents and shirts that they wear and hats and colouring books. The whole nine yards.’

Sadly, DJ was on holiday, so was unable to make it, but Drew was among the workers who showed up and took the time to play with the birthday boy and his toy garbage trucks.

Julia added: ‘They were here for a good half an hour, 45 minutes, just taking time out of their personal time to make a little boy happy. And he’ll never forget it. Yeah, it was very cool.’

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