Billion Dollar Mega Resort Begins Construction Beside Disney World

Billion Dollar Mega Resort Begins Construction Beside Disney World


Those planning to visit Disney World or are looking for a short term rental property in Orlando, Florida will soon have a premium, luxurious option that is like nothing this region has ever seen before. The development of the $1.5 billion Evermore Resort is now in development… right next door to Disney World.

Elevating the Disney experience to include luxury residences as well as a luxury resort, this wholly-owned large-scale community of luxury vacation homes offers a unique experience to those wanting to elevate their vacation experience with the guarantee of lavish surroundings and a high-class experience from start to finish.

Attractions Magazine reveals that Dart Interests is behind the development of this “1,100-acre mega-resort, an imaginative development of upscale hotel, villas, and apartments right on Disney’s doorstep that will feature a grand 20-acre tropical beach complex and crystal lagoon.”

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Guests to the Orlando region now have a guaranteed option for luxurious vacation accommodations, and never have to question the level of service and high-grade luxury living when booking their stay. In fact, the president of Dart Interests has reported his vision as being the complete luxury operation of individual, wholly-owned homes with “hotel quality standards and world-class amenities.” Judging by what’s been reported so far, this property will surely not disappoint.

The Evermore Resort is poised to offer some of the most elaborate, luxurious amenities to its guests and is set to open for business in 2023.  The luxury resort will include 433 rooms, 51 regular suites, and 10 oversized family suites. Some of the vacation homes feature private pols, views of the lagoon, and of course, everyone can enjoy the five star amenities located on-site. Features to boast about include a large amount of meeting space, a number of sophisticated dining options, a rooftop for events and personal enjoyment, and a spa for self indulgence. The highest levels of sanitation and COVID-inspired cleaning processes will be included.

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The property will also include a professional golf course, and the biggest feature of all will surely be the 20 acre tropical beach. According to Attractions Magazine, this area will incorporate” unique, environmentally sustainable technology that uses up to 100 times less chemicals and only 2% of the energy used by conventional swimming pool systems, creating ideal conditions year-round.”

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Visiting Orlando has never seemed more appealing or more luxurious. Visitors will soon be able to select from a privately owned home or a resort experience, both of which are featured on this one centralized and very lavishly designed property. This resort will be built directly across from Walt Disney World, and is poised to become the destination of choice for guests wanting luxury accommodations and an elevated stay during their visit to this region.

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