Best paid jobs that DON'T require a degree – and you could earn up to £71,700

Best paid jobs that DON'T require a degree – and you could earn up to £71,700


THE best-paid jobs that you don’t need a degree to get have been revealed after A-Level students across the country picked up their results.

New research from job site Indeed has found 10 roles that don't require a university education that pay more than the average UK annual salary of £29,500.

The new research comes as thousands of youngsters across the UK yesterday found out whether they secured a university place as they anxiously collected their results.

But you don’t necessarily need to have a degree to get a well-paying salary, as job site Indeed revealed you can earn up to £71,700 without a degree.

The top of this list is a sales director which can net you an impressive £71,700 a year on average.

A central role in any business, a sales director is usually in charge of company strategy and working out the best ways to hit profit targets.

Best paid jobs that don't require a degree

YOU don't need to go to university to earn a fortune.

These are the best-paid jobs you can get without a degree, according to job site Indeed.

  1. Sales director – £71,700
    Usually in charge of business strategy and making sure profit targets are met.
  2. Agile coach – £69,900
    Almost like a quality control inspector, the core responsibility of an agile coach is to monitor workers to make sure they are performing as fast and efficiently as possible.
  3. Senior social media strategist – £56,200
    This job is all about looking after a company’s social accounts including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Ethical hacker – £55,600
    Experts of information security, an ethical hacker tests the safety of businesses’ IT systems.
  5. Construction manager – £52,300
    A construction manager will supervise and manage contractors and laborers atconstruction sites.
  6. IT manager – £45,000
    An IT manager is in charge of making sure the technology used in a business is running smoothly.
  7. Maintenance manager – £37,100
    When things go wrong at work, the maintenance manager will send out the right member of staff to fix it.
  8. Private chef – £37,000
    This is a cook that is hired for private events, parties or to take over the kitchen of a resturant for a limited time.
  9. Carpenter – £35,600
    A carpenter's job is to make and repair wooden objects and structures.
  10. Solar panel installer – £34,900
    Someone who is in charge of installing solar panels to the side of houses or businesses.

There a plenty of qualifications available for those who want to delve into the world of sales including an NVQ and diplomas, both of which can be done at college.

This can often be cheaper than going to university as well, with NVQs costing anywhere between £900 and £1,500 per course.

But experience is also usually required and it’s unlikely you’d step into a position like this fresh after qualifying.

Next on the list were agile coaches, who can take home £69,900 a year on average at the peak of their career.

Courses to become an agile coach cost around £1,500 but again, you would be required to start at a lower level role and work your way up.

The third best job in terms of salary was a senior social media strategist who can earn as much as £56,200 a year on average.

While some companies would seek out someone with a degree, it’s possible to break into social media roles with a marketing NVQ, starting at around £900, and build your experience.

When Indeed revealed the same research last year, the job site said the highest-paying job for those without a degree was an ethical hacker who can earn up to £57,099.

An ethical hacker tests the safety of businesses’ IT systems and is someone who is highly experienced with computers.

Indeed also looked at the best-paid jobs for graduates fresh out of university and revealed vets can expect to earn the best starting salary at £31,636.

Property management consultants, senior structural engineers and safety consultants also made the list.

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