BB24's Daniel Wants to Have a 'Private' Convo With Taylor After Drama

BB24's Daniel Wants to Have a 'Private' Convo With Taylor After Drama


Is it too late now to say sorry? Big Brother season 24 star Daniel Durston is testing that theory while speaking out after his recent eviction, and he revealed remorse for some of his behavior in the house.

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“Hello world!” the reality star, 35, shared via Instagram on Tuesday, August 16 in his first social media post since exiting the series. “I have many memories to share about my time in the Big Brother house, but first and foremost, I’d like to apologize to anyone I may have offended or triggered by my words and actions.”

Durston — along with other BB24 contestants — encountered plenty of backlash due to his treatment of costar Taylor Hale, who many fans believe was treated unfairly due to being a woman of color. The California native drew particular ire after he yelled at Hale, 27, when he was upset by her alleged mistreatment of houseguest Nicole Layog and former contestant Paloma Aguilar. Durston’s expletive-filled outburst left Hale in tears.

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In his Tuesday tweet, the Elvis impersonator addressed his feud with the Michigan native.

“I’m very much looking forward to having a private one-on-one conversation with Taylor once the season is over,” he ended the post.

On Friday, August 12, one day after his eviction, Durston exclusively told Us Weekly his thoughts about how he lashed out at Hale.

“Those all sound terrible,” the CBS alum revealed to Us when reflecting on his actions toward his fellow houseguest, seemingly just having discovered the specifics after leaving the house. “And I understand why people would be upset. Any little reason I may have for it is not justified or validated. So watching it back is huge for me, literally taking notes and looking forward to speaking with Taylor is my priority. And if I offended anyone on the outside world, I will approach that as well.”

While the performer plans to eventually speak with Hale about what went down on the show, he explained to Us about why he didn’t apologize while the two were in the house together.

“When I give my loyalty to someone, I trust them 100 percent,” Durston said, seemingly referring to his decision to side with Layog, who believed that Hale was treating her passive-aggressively during the “Bestie Twist” challenge.

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“That is my flaw. Maybe in real life as well,” he continued. “So, hearing from certain people that I trusted, I believed it. I didn’t even go about the route to speak with her because I felt like it would get worse for me. Like I might say something worse or do whatever, you know? And so I wanted to keep that space to remain as healthy as possible.”

He concluded, “Ultimately Taylor and I, at least in the house, didn’t really connect on a personal level or a game level. So it was hard to want to have these sit downs, you know? Although, now looking back, those are important.”

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