Baby sent home from hospital with ‘ear infection’ actually had abscess on brain

Baby sent home from hospital with ‘ear infection’ actually had abscess on brain


A baby sent home from hospital with antibiotics for an ear infection was later discovered to have an abscess on her brain.

Mum Stephanie Campbell says she is deeply unhappy with the care 16-month-old daughter Sophia received at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport. 

Stephanie called an ambulance for Sophia after her face suddenly became paralysed on one side and her ear drum burst.

The little girl was taken by ambulance to A&E at Stepping Hill, but was sent home after a few hours with antibiotics and a diagnosis of an ear infection, reports Manchester Evening News.

But 48 hours later, Sophia had to be rushed back to the hospital after her temperature shot up to 40 degrees.

She spent the next six days on the children's ward in May, before eventually being transferred to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.

Here she was given a scan, which revealed abscesses in her brain and behind her ear, an infection in the lining of her brain, bone damage and a blood clot.

She immediately underwent surgery to remove the abscess in her ear, but has been on antibiotics to try to reduce the brain abscess ever since.

Now Stephanie has put in a formal complaint with Stepping Hill about her daughter's treatment there and instructed law firm Slater and Gordon to look into the case.

She says she wants to know why her daughter was not given a scan, and claims a doctor told her they would 'happily discharge her' because she was doing well on antibiotics.

She claims no one told her they suspected the baby had mastoiditis, a serious bacterial infection of the the bone behind the ear, which can lead to complications, such as brain abscesses.

Stephanie says Sophia was only given one dose of steroids for her facial paralysis, before eventually being placed on them for a week at RMCH.

The mum-of-one says the situation has been so stressful that she has now left her home in Reddish to move back to her native Ireland to be closer to her family.

Stepping Hill hospital has launched an investigation and say they will update Stephanie with their findings.

Stephanie said: "There was a massive infection, I don't know how it wasn't visible and I don't know why so much time was wasted.

"They didn't tell me what it was, they never told me her diagnosis.

"It has been a nightmare the whole time. I have no family here, it's just been us.

"They just took really, really dreadful care of her."

A spokesman for Stepping Hill said: "We always strive to provide high quality safe care for our patients and we are sorry that Mrs Campbell is unhappy with the care provided to her daughter on this occasion.

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