Amy Schumer jokes her vagina is ‘street trash’ after marriage

Amy Schumer jokes her vagina is ‘street trash’ after marriage


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Amy Schumer made a cringeworthy joke in a new podcast interview, as she graphically described what part of her has turned to “street trash” since getting married.

“My p—-y,” the comedian quipped on Kevin Hart’s “Comedy Gold Minds” podcast.

“It’s honestly just like, huge now and just garbage. It’s just street trash. Yeah, I would say my street trash p—-y is probably [the biggest change].”

“Is it?” Hart, 41, replied while laughing.

Schumer, 39, then got serious, as she said what’s really gone down the drain since marrying hubby Chris Fischer in 2018 was her ability to go out and have fun.

“I don’t go out anymore,” she said. “I mean, it’s also the pandemic, but I’d be down at the Cellar every night doing standup, and now it’s like, if a friend is like, ‘Want to meet out at 8:00 PM?,’ I’m like ‘8:00pm?! Sorry, I’m in …’ I mean, I’m not in bed, I stay up, you know…”

Schumer and Fisher, 41, welcomed their first child, a son named Gene David Fischer, in May 2019.

Despite the new parents’ busy schedules, Schumer shared that she and her husband still find time to heat things up in the bedroom.

“We probably have sex every seven to 10 days,” the “I Feel Pretty” star said.

Hart — who has four kids of his own, including a newborn with wife Eniko Parish — replied, “That’s about right.”

Schumer added that when she and Fischer have sex, they realize, “We need to do that more,” but put it off until days later.

However, the comedian shared that her and her chef hubby don’t always coincide with when they’re in the mood.

“I go, ‘Do you want to have sex?’ And he makes this face,” she said. “He kind of pictured it, and like, winced. He’s imagining it and he made a face kind of like he ate something bad.”

Schumer said Fischer then told her, “How about tomorrow?” to which she replied, “Great. Thank you. I feel really good.”

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