All I Want For Christmas Are Millions: Mariah Carey To Make Millions This Christmas From Holiday Music Streams

All I Want For Christmas Are Millions: Mariah Carey To Make Millions This Christmas From Holiday Music Streams


Despite not releasing any new Christmas music recently, Mariah Carey is still set to make an impressive profit from music streaming alone this holiday season.

According to TMZ, the singer makes several cents every time her classic hit All I Want For Christmas Is You is streamed. This may not seem like a large sum, but since the song has been streamed over a billion times on Spotify alone, it’s adding up.

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The outlet estimates Mariah has made anywhere between $3.249 to $4.332 million on the song through Spotify. This doesn’t include other streaming platforms where the hit is also available.

In addition, while this may be her most popular holiday song, Mariah has other Christmas-themed music that likely provides a steady income source thanks to various streaming platforms, especially around this time of the year.

All I Want For Christmas is You is almost three decades old, as it was originally released on Mariah’s 1994 holiday album Merry Christmas. The song was an instant success and topped charts in over twenty countries upon its release.

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Perhaps more impressive, the song has continued to be a classic choice during the holidays, explaining why Mariah is able to rake in such a large profit despite the song not being a new release. It’s estimated the song has sold 16 million copies across the globe, and it’s widely considered the most successful holiday song written and performed by a female artist.

Only two years ago, in 2019, the song was at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, 25 years after its release. The impressive feat broke several world records, and the next year it went on to top charts in the U.K.

All I Want For Christmas has been producing great profits during the holidays thanks to streaming for many years. Yahoo! News reports that she earned $1.7 million from the son’s stream in 2019, and this number grew to $1.9 million the following year.

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As streaming services (and the song’s popularity) continues to increase, it’s not unreasonable to assume Mariah made an even bigger profit on the song this year.

Mariah has reportedly made over $60 million thanks to streaming in recent years alone. She also makes a consistent income through album sales, downloads, licensing, and other forms of royalties, meaning the singer’s wealth is easily sustained despite slowing down on releasing new music in the last decade.

Mariah is estimated to be worth around $300 million (with some suggesting it could be as high as $500 million), and has the streaming of her hits increases, her wealth will likely do the same.

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