Aldi makes major change at all stores to rival Tesco and Sainsbury's – and shoppers will love it | The Sun

Aldi makes major change at all stores to rival Tesco and Sainsbury's – and shoppers will love it | The Sun


ALDI has made a major change to its stores as supermarkets continue to fight their price war.

The grocery giant has slashed the prices of its bottles of milk.

From today (April 14) a four-pint carton of milk will cost just £1.55, down from £1.65 – saving shoppers 10p.

Aldi customers will be able to save 5p on a two-pint bottle, which now costs £1.25 instead of £1.30.

While a one-pint bottle is now 90p, down from 95p.

Shoppers will be able to make use of the deals online and across all Aldi stores.

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We checked at the time of writing and the discount was already in place on the Aldi website.

It comes as other major supermarkets announced they would be cutting the costs of the fridge staple.

Tesco was the first to reveal that shoppers could save either 10p or 5p on its own brand four-pint, two-pint or one-pint bottles.

Its four-pint milk has also dropped by 10p, from £1.65 to £1.55.

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While its two-pint of milk bottles will drop from £1.30 to £1.25 and its one-pint bottles to 90p from 95p.

Sainsbury's followed suit yesterday (April 13) and said milk will cost £1.55 for four pints, £1.25 for two pints and 90p for a pint.

Aldi, Tesco and Sainsbury's are now charging the same for a one-pint bottle of milk – at 90p.

We had a check to see how much each bottle size costs from the major supermarkets at the time of writing, which we've listed below.

One pint:

  • Sainsbury's: 90p
  • Tesco: 90p
  • Aldi: 90p
  • Asda: 95p

Two pints:

  • Sainsbury's: £1.25
  • Tesco: £1.25
  • Aldi: £1.25
  • Morrisons: £1.30
  • Asda: £1.30

Four pints:

  • Sainsbury's: £1.55
  • Tesco: £1.55
  • Aldi: £1.55
  • Lidl: £1.65
  • Morrisons: £1.65
  • Asda: £1.65

Of course, do shop around for the best deal as you may be able to find it for cheaper from somewhere else.

The price lock comes just as Marks & Spencer confirmed it has extended the price lock of 100 of its food and home essential items.

Shoppers will be contacted from now to be told about the extension.

The shopping essentials that are included in the price lock include easy peeler satsumas for £2, long grain rice for 65p and 1KG of sugar for £1.

How to cut grocery costs

It's always a good idea to look for ways to save on your supermarket weekly shop, regardless of where you go.

For example, there are cheap food clubs run by local community groups or charities floating around.

They're different to food banks because you don't need to be referred by anyone to join one.

These clubs link up with local supermarkets, who donate food nearing their sell-by date.

They are usually run from public places, such as church halls.

There are also food waste apps to make use of.

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The Too Good To Go app, for instance, matches you with local food outlets that have food left at the end of the day to sell for less.

You pay from £1 to £7 for a ‘magic’ bag or box from a local business that contains a surprise mix of products.

Do you have a money problem that needs sorting? Get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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