Adult star with clown phobia kicked out of haunted house for punching staff

Adult star with clown phobia kicked out of haunted house for punching staff


An adult performer so scared of clowns she once punched a staff member at a haunted house who she claimed got too close to her.

Clowns used to be one of the most popular fancy dress outfits, before a bizarre killer clown craze led to the once harmless joker stereotype taking on a menacing persona.

For adult star Maddy May, though, a fear of clowns began long before the outbreak of the viral craze.

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Speaking on the Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast, the porn star – who has 80,000 followers on Instagram – opened up about her unusual phobia and confessed that she is not looking forward to spooky season.

“I have got kicked out of haunted houses because they [clowns] touch me and I will panic, and they’ll see me as a target,” she admitted.

“The last one I got kicked out of, I punched him but he touched me. He was following me, he touched me multiple times, I was like, ‘bro I’m scared of clowns don’t touch me’, so he came and he tapped me.

“So I jumped and he grabbed me, I told him, ‘if you touch me, I’m touching you’, and I was yelling that every time we would walk into a room.

“I hit him and he was like, ‘ow you hit me’, and I was like, ‘don’t touch me’, and they were like, ‘you’ve got to go’.”

Maddy admitted that she was nervous about the costumes that might be on display this Halloween, after she was even forced to leave a party because of her fear of clowns.

“I tell people I’m scared of clowns, but having a phobia is different, and there’s a lot of people who either don’t take it seriously and they think I’m exaggerating, or they don’t truly understand what a phobia really is,” she explained.

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So, when she was invited to a supposedly cowboy-themed party, Maddy described her horror when she entered the room to see a bloke dressed as a clown.

She recalled: “I look up and I’m like, there’s a clown here, and then another one walks in, I was like, ‘why are there clowns here?’

“My hands are sweating even now, I f***ing freaked out… I started tearing up and I started stuttering.

“We walked outside and I’m crying, this all happened within 90 seconds… [my friend] was like, ‘I know you said you were scared but I didn’t realise’, I was like, ‘no, I will run them over’.”


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