A Peek Inside The Ultra Luxurious Life Of Suits Fame Meghan Markle

A Peek Inside The Ultra Luxurious Life Of Suits Fame Meghan Markle


It has been some time since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stunned the world by renouncing their positions as senior royals in the United Kingdom to begin a new life in sunny California. The erstwhile royal couple and their two children now make their home in a gigantic estate in Montecito, Santa Barbara, which costs $14.7 million and has nine bedrooms. They are close to the sights and sounds of Los Angeles. Despite this, it is difficult to argue that she does not lead a lavish lifestyle.

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Meghan Markle’s Highly Expensive Wardrobe

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When Meghan is photographed, her outfits are immediately scrutinized, and details about them are shared widely over the internet. According to reports, Meghan spent between $300,000 and $500,000 on clothes during her first year as a royal family member. She once wore almost a hundred thousand dollars worth of apparel on vacation to Morocco. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, possessed one of the most covetable closets in the history of the world. She was already famous for her style, but in 2018 People named her the Best Dressed Star.

Some of her clothes have been one-of-a-kind creations without corresponding retail costs, but she has also worn others that range from surprisingly reasonable to exceedingly lavish. Considering Markle’s acting career and the clothing fund she purportedly had access to as a member of the royal family, the cost of her outfit isn’t as startling. Like the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Markle made a name for herself in the royal fashion world by introducing several extremely high-priced ensembles. Markle’s Givenchy wedding dress, which cost around $265,000, is currently the most expensive garment she owns.

Luxurious Cars And Massive Real Estate

Access to massive wealth, prestigious titles, socializing with the elite, and living in luxurious mansions and estates are just a few of the benefits of being a member of one of the world’s royal families. The unique, ultra-luxurious automobiles and motor toys that the world’s royal families enjoy driving and being chauffeured in are another part of the lives of global royalty that causes envy among many royal fans and devoted onlookers. The couple formerly moves about in a grand black Range Rover Vogue, a super-luxury SUV. Black wheels and trim suggest that this may be the more expensive Westminster Black Edition ($122,000), specific to the current generation of Range Rover Vogue that came out after the facelift.

Additionally, for several reasons, the rare Phantom IV, which was manufactured by luxury car  Rolls Royce, that escorted Meghan Markle to the chapel exuded an air of royal grandeur. It was one of just 18 Rolls-Royces made between 1950 and 1956, and it was built specifically for a select group of dignitaries, including the future queen, who was still a princess at the time. The car’s design and amenities give it an air of high-end sophistication. This gorgeous vehicle has been seen in numerous sightings of Meghan, who has used it to get to and from events. Her car is equipped with bulletproof glass and levels. Her luxury Mercedes-Benz S-class costs around $500,000.

After leaving their positions as senior royals in 2020, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex famously moved to a $14 million property in Montecito, California. In an interview with Allison, Meghan spilled the beans about her calming and relaxing home, saying that she and Prince Harry fell head over heels in love with it the first time they saw it, even though they couldn’t afford it. But after making multimillion-dollar deals with streaming services like Netflix and Spotify, the royal couple moved into their dream home, complete with a tennis court, tea house, separate guest house, and nine bedrooms. Moreover, the actor and director Tyler Perry presented the couple with a grand piano for their living room as a housewarming present. Plus the rosewater candles from Soho House, whose founder, Nick Jones, is a friend of Meghan’s, and the comfy chairs? Perfect.

Markle’s Penchant For Exquisite Jewelry

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The Duchess of Sussex has become well-known for her penchant for exquisite jewels with significant meaning since her marriage to Prince Harry three years ago. Although Markle has to leave numerous things when she married into the royal family, her life turned for the better. At her wedding celebration, Meghan Markle wore the aquamarine ring that had belonged to Princess Diana. The massive ring features a light blue and diamond centerpiece mounted on a white and yellow gold band. The ring was valued at around $86,000 in 2018; who knows how much it currently costs? While in Australia, Meghan also wore Diana’s butterfly earrings. Meghan has also been wearing Princess Diana’s gold bracelet with cabochon more than once. She debuted the bracelet on the royal couple’s post-wedding tour of Australia.

Meghan favors more affordable designer labels like Strathberry, Oroton, and DeMellier. Still, she also mixes in splurges like the Gucci dress she wore when she and Harry were spotted in New York City not too long ago. With her camel coat from Reiss, black clothing, and pointy Aquazzura shoes, the duchess was spotted carrying a Valextra’sIside Mini Tote. Meghan wore another eye-catching ensemble at the Commonwealth Youth Forum: a cream and black striped dress by Altuzarra, a black blazer by Camilla & Mark, and a Zip Top Crossbody bag by Australian label Oroton.

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