You need to hear Adele’s candid message about friendship amid heartbreak

You need to hear Adele’s candid message about friendship amid heartbreak


Written by Leah Sinclair

The singer shared a heartfelt speech with fans while performing in Las Vegas, where she discussed her divorce, therapy and why it’s important to value your friendships.

Dealing with a breakup can be tough.

Whether a relationship has ended due to betrayal or because you no longer want the same things, there’s a sense of grief that can come from losing a person who’s played such an essential role in your life – and having people around you to support you during this time is key.

One person reminding us of the importance of maintaining friendships during the good times and bad is Adele.

The singer shared a candid message with fans while performing at her residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, where sheurged those in attendance to value friendship above all else.

Adele said that following her divorce from charity entrepreneur Simon Konecki, her own friends were invaluable as she picked up the pieces.

 “A relationship falling apart, whether you’re married or not, it’s really difficult and it’s really traumatic,” she told the audience on Saturday.

“Keep your friends close to you because they’re better than any man, better than any woman. Your friends are for life.”

The British-born singer’s words were a poignant reminder of the beauty of friendships and the importance of being there for one another at all times.

Romantic relationships come and go (and some will remain, of course), but being present in your friends’ lives for the many seasons you all go through is vital – after all, these friendships are arguably one of the most fulfilling relationships you’ll experience throughout your lifetime.

During the residency, Adele also opened up about the importance of holding herself accountable, as she revealed that she is in therapy again.

“I started having therapy again because I went a few years without it. I needed to start. Before, obviously, when I was going through my divorce I was basically having, like, five therapy sessions a day,” she said.

“But I stopped holding myself accountable for my own behaviour and the things I would say and it’s because I would always fall back on my therapist.

“But now I am doing it because I just want to make sure I’m topping myself up every week to make sure I can give you everything.”

Adele is currently performing at her much-anticipated residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, and we can’t wait to hear what other nuggets of wisdom she has to share.

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