You Can Only Call Yourself Texan If You've Tried 20/30 Of These Extremely Specific Texas Foods

You Can Only Call Yourself Texan If You've Tried 20/30 Of These Extremely Specific Texas Foods

  1. Via Whataburger /

    Whataburger’s Honey Butter Chicken BiscuitVia Whataburger /

    Via Babe’s Chicken /

    Babe’s ChickenVia Babe’s Chicken /

    Via Whataburger /

    Classic Whataburger burgerVia Whataburger /

    Via Torchy’s Tacos /

    Tacos from Torchy’s TacosVia Torchy’s Tacos /

    Via chuysrestaurant /

    Chips and queso from Chuy’sVia chuysrestaurant /

    Via wafflehouseofficial /

    Waffle House waffleVia wafflehouseofficial /

    Via hippyinarizona /

    Chicken Express combo mealVia hippyinarizona /

    Via Taco Cabana /

    Anything from Taco CabanaVia Taco Cabana /

    Via Franklin BBQ /

    Franklin BBQVia Franklin BBQ /

    Via Braum’s /

    Braum’s ice creamVia Braum’s /

    Via freebirdsworldburrito /

    Freebirds World BurritoVia freebirdsworldburrito /

    Via P.Terry’s /

    P.Terry’s burgerVia P.Terry’s /

    Via Rosa’s Café Tortilla Factory /

    Rosa’s Café Tortilla FactoryVia Rosa’s Café Tortilla Factory /

    Via Changho L. /

    Stillwater BarbequeVia Changho L. /

    Via Pollo Campero /

    Pollo CamperoVia Pollo Campero /

    Via Sonic /

    Any drink or milkshake from SonicVia Sonic /

    Via rudysbbq /

    Rudy’s BBQVia rudysbbq /

    Via Valentina’s /

    Valentina’sVia Valentina’s /

    Via Twitter: @ILoveBlueBell

    Blue Bell ice creamVia Twitter: @ILoveBlueBell

    Via made_everyday /

    Czech Stop and Little Czech BakeryVia made_everyday /

    Via goodjuju88 /

    A Texas-shaped waffle from literally any Texas hotelVia goodjuju88 /

    Via Pecan Lodge /

    Pecan Lodge BBQVia Pecan Lodge /

    Via Taco Casa /

    Taco CasaVia Taco Casa /

    Via Ann L. /

    A margarita from El Big BadVia Ann L. /

    Via la_barbecue /

    La BarbecueVia la_barbecue /

    Via elisebbrenton /

    Dublin Dr PepperVia elisebbrenton /

    Via H-E-B /

    Anything from H‑E‑BVia H-E-B /

    Via Salt Lick BBQ /

    Salt Lick BBQVia Salt Lick BBQ /

    Via dr_yell /

    Frito pieVia dr_yell /

    Via Taylor T. /

    Biscuits and gravy from Biscuits + GroovyVia Taylor T. /

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