Who Will Be the Next 'Bachelor'? Here Are Our Predictions

Who Will Be the Next 'Bachelor'? Here Are Our Predictions


As Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette comes to a close (and what a season it was!), it’s time to look on to ABC’s next sacrifice — uh, we mean next lucky pick. At this week’s “Men Tell All”episode, the audience was on the lookout for who the next Bachelor 2020 might be, and a few contestants definitely stood out. Of course, we still need to get through Bachelor in Paradise, as one of the contestants there might distinguish themselves in a way that earns them the Bachelor title. But short of that, we have a pretty good idea of the frontrunners for the role.

Given how well Mike Johnson and Tyler Cameron have come off this season of The Bachelorette, fans have been clamoring for them to take the lead next Bachelor season — even though Tyler has yet to be eliminated from Hannah’s season. Other potential picks from Hannah’s season include Peter “Pilot Pete” Weber (also still in the running for Hannah’s heart) and Garrett Powell, the golf pro from Alabama. Finally, there’s the possibility of a wild card pick, AKA someone not from Hannah’s season. The frontrunner there would be Blake Horstmann, the runner-up from Becca Kufrin’s Bachelorette season (who also seems to be involved in some dramatic storylines on Bachelor in Paradise.) Why? Read on to find out more about each of these potential Bachelor picks.

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson is the clear frontrunner for the 2020 Bachelor pick — according to both Twitter and Mike’s castmates, many of whom are promoting him for the role. Mike and Hannah had an emotional goodbye in Amsterdam, by which we mean Hannah sobbed uncontrollably while Mike sweetly thanked her for the experience he’d had so far. His gentlemanly ways (and dashing good looks) were equally on display in the Men Tell All episode, where he and Hannah expressed that they wished nothing but the best for each other.

When asked about potentially becoming the Bachelor, Mike told The Hollywood Reporter that it’s “100 percent time to have a black Bachelor,” adding that “they’ve never had a Bachelor that’s a veteran either, so I think that it’s time to have a veteran that served the country as well.” The most important thing to Mike, though? “I would want to have a conversation about the contestants being there for the right reasons,” he tells THR. “In this process, love is 100 percent possible.” Handsome, charismatic and a romantic? Sign him, ABC!!!

Tyler Cameron

Tyler is the other clear frontrunner to be the Bachelor: but unlike Mike, he still has a chance of ending this season engaged to Hannah. Tyler has impressed viewers this season with his ability to dismantle toxic patriarchal BS (mostly coming out of Luke’s mouth), and how sweet and respectful he’s been of Hannah’s needs. Every week, Tyler has revealed a new facet of his maturity (and his jawline!), and it doesn’t hurt that he’s been watching and tweeting about this season as it airs, defending Hannah from the haters.

Peter Weber

Peter is also still in the running for Hannah’s heart and has won over fans with his sweet, goofy demeanor (and yes! the fact that he’s a pilot is unequivocally hot). Hannah has described Peter as the kind of relationship she dreamed of as a girl, and it’s clear from the way he looks at her that he’s head over heels. If Hannah does end up breaking his heart, we’d love to see a group of contestants line up to heal it — recent rumors that he misled an ex before coming on The Bachelorette aside.

Garrett Powell

Garrett’s mistake was ultimately how tied up he got in the Luke P. drama — but before all that, he’d seemed like a promising pick for Miss Alabama Hannah. Both hailing from the same home state, Garrett had the Southern gentleman thing down, and many viewers think he deserved a better chance than he got. Honestly, it’s hard to know too much more about who Garrett is and what his season of the Bachelor might look like, but that’s because he really didn’t get much airtime devoted to his and Hannah’s relationship. If ABC does pick him, let’s assume they see something we didn’t.

Blake Horstmann

Blake is confirmed as part of the Bachelor in Paradise cast, so of course we’ll have to wait and see if he finds love there first. But Blake has been a fan favorite for the Bachelor role since Becca K. broke his heart. Back in 2018, Blake told Entertainment Tonight the story of how he found out he hadn’t been chosen: “We got the call the day before and that was it. [Colton’s] name had leaked, if you will, so it wasn’t a blindside. It really wasn’t,” Blake said at the time. “No bags were packed or anything like that, but yeah, it was weird getting the call and I could hear it in their voice right away […] I thought I kind of was going to be the Bachelor, so I was a little bit more reserved if you will.”

Well, this year it could be Blake’s chance — let’s just hope he doesn’t ruin his sterling reputation in Paradise!

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