What is the "Globglogabgalab" Sample on Kanye's 'DONDA' Track "Remote Control"?

What is the "Globglogabgalab" Sample on Kanye's 'DONDA' Track "Remote Control"?


For those have been following the development of Kanye West‘s DONDA album, it came as quite a surprise when Kid Cudi‘s signature crooning was removed from the final version of “Remote Control” that hit streaming platforms. The closing verse of track 12 on Kanye’s tenth studio album now features an interesting sample from the critically panned 2012 Christian allegorical animated film Strawinsky and the Mysterious House.

Globglogabgalab, the character heard at the end of “Remote Control,” is an elf created by the Great Elohim who falls to the spell of evil after temptations from the Rat King. Transformed into an amorphous blob, the interesting character becomes fearful of the Scarlet Queen, who would punish him for his transgressions, leading him to hide away in a house full of books.

Some popular theories as to Kanye West include the sample on the track include that his daughter, North West, may have shown him the Christian film, or the artist saw some connections between himself and the character. But it is also interesting to note that YouTuber videogamedunkey shared a video “leaking” DONDA ahead of the project’s official release which featured the “Globglogabgalab” clip. Leading to some thinking that Kanye drew the sample from the “leak” video that builds on the meme origins of the “Globglogabgalab.”

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