We Tried Trapeze Flying, Zip Lining, And Skydiving To See Which Was Best

We Tried Trapeze Flying, Zip Lining, And Skydiving To See Which Was Best


On this episode of Ultimate Bucket List, the team is facing their fears by taking on HEIGHTS in Las Vegas!

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We’re talking death-defying stuff: trapeze school, a Vegas zip line, and indoor skydiving. Let’s find out which one is going to make our Ultimate Bucket List!

Meet our thrill seekers: Jasmine, Rich, and Essence.

Like…a circus?

Essence took them to Las Vegas Circus Center where they learned how to become trapeze artists à la Cirque du Soleil.

So, yes, kind of like a circus!

Rich was more than a little concerned at the thought of having to fling himself between two seriously high platforms.

I mean there is a net, Rich. That’s all I’m saying!

But after some initial fear (and a lot of encouragement from the ground), he did it!

I think he’s found his true life calling: his own act at Circus Circus.

Next up was Jasmine’s choice: Slotzilla!

Wait, huh?

After some initial confusion, they headed to what turned out to be an 11-story high zip line right in the middle of the Vegas strip.

It gives you the most unique view in the whole city (all while flying superman style, of course).

Seriously, you’re not going to get this view anywhere else.

And all you have to do is climb 11 stories and hurtle yourself through the air to get it!

But be prepared to deal with a ~bumpy~ ride.


Last up was Rich’s choice: skydiving! And I know what you’re picturing…

But this is what he meant.

Rich took the gang to Vegas Indoor Skydiving to essentially float around in a huge padded room. (We told you he was a scaredy-cat!)

Although after watching the liability video, we don’t really blame him for being a little freaked out.

Serious injury? Death? From some AIR!?

Despite the death warnings, it turned out to be pretty fun.

And, as a bonus, you’ll get some seriously hilarious photos out of it.

But only one activity can make it to the Ultimate Bucket List, and this time it was unanimous: trapeze school!

Our bucket list has reached new heights. Get it?

Do you think they made the right choice?

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