Toy Manufacturer Syuto Crafts Cucumber Maki Grain-By-Grain

Toy Manufacturer Syuto Crafts Cucumber Maki Grain-By-Grain


Plastic modeling has been around for decades where popular models are usually based on automobiles, anime-themed characters, or miniatures. In an era with a heavy emphasis on user-centric designs, products are made more relatable to everyday life — which is what the Japanese toy manufacturer Syuto had in mind with its innovative full-scale model kits that allow plastic model enthusiasts to build sushi rice grain by rice grain.

Syuto recently released the newest addition to the sushi model kits — cucumber rolls, also known as Kappa maki, a classic Japanese dish made with cucumber encased in sushi rice and seaweed. Packaged in sushi restaurant takeout boxes, the cucumber roll plastic model comprises 546 rice grain parts, which makes two rolls with 273 grains each. Unlike other toy figures, the resulting sushi models will see unique arrangements of the rice grains. As if the model isn’t intricate enough, the cucumber portion comes in two separate parts of the vegetable skin and “meat.”

Syuto’s 1/1 scale cucumber roll sushi plastic model kit is now available on Amazon for ¥1,540 JPY (approximately $13 USD) along with other sushi models such as Tuna, Salmon, and even Gyozas dumplings.

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