This Mandalorian Theory Might Explain How Boba Fett Survived

This Mandalorian Theory Might Explain How Boba Fett Survived


Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

The season two premiere of The Mandalorian, “The Marshal,” seems to hold the answer to how Boba Fett survived his supposed death. During the episode, Mando arrives on Tattoine under the impression that there’s another Mandalorian he can ask for help in returning The Child to the Jedi. Instead, he finds an imposter named Cobb Vanth, who wears the armor as a way to protect his town, and the two eventually team up with the Tusken Raiders to defeat the Krayt Dragon. It’s after the defeat of the Krayt Dragon that we see a lone figure, played by Temuera Morrison, watching as Mando heads off in search of a real Mandalorian. When Morrison first turned around, we couldn’t help but think that he had to be playing Boba Fett, but how did Fett survive certain death during Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi? For that, we’re looking at clues found throughout “The Marshal.”

The armor Cobb Vanth wears is unmistakeable — it’s the same armor Fett wears in Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. While Cobb and Mando are heading to meet with the Tusken Raiders, Cobb reveals how he was able to buy it from the Jawas, who salvaged the armor from a Sarlaac Pit. As seen throughout The Mandalorian, it’s pretty evident that the only way you can part a Mandalorian from their armor, is if they’re dead and surviving the fall into a Sarlaac Pit, let alone a Sarlaac, seems pretty unlikely. However, the idea that the Krayt Dragon could kill a Sarlaac and live in the abandoned pit suggests that there was a small window Fett had to escape after all.

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