Take a Look at Samiro Yunoki and Kori Girard’s Artistic Input for Ace Hotel Kyoto

Take a Look at Samiro Yunoki and Kori Girard’s Artistic Input for Ace Hotel Kyoto


When Japanese architect Kengo Kuma teamed up with Atelier Ace and Commune Design to form the Ace Hotel in Kyoto, the collective goal was to preserve features of the original historic building. As a result, the hotel is permeated with both Eastern and Western design influences. Ace Hotel Kyoto‘s interiors are enriched with artistic inputs from artists and artisans of varying backgrounds. The hotel’s typeface and logo were designed by Japanese artist Samiro Yunoki, who also created all the artwork for the guest rooms. Whereas the hotel’s restaurant, Mr Maurice’s Italian featured tile floors and silk screen panels decked with American artist Kori Girard‘s signature hieroglyphic motifs.

Prompted by Commune Design’s co-founder, Roman Alonso, both artists were brought together for a joint showcase at the Kyoto hotel’s gallery space. Aptly named “East Meets West,” the installation embraces geometry and form with a vibrant color palette. The artists will be showcasing six pieces of artwork each, all created exclusively for the exhibition. Turning 100 years this fall, the show also coincides with Yunoki’s birthday to mark the perfect celebration of his creative legacy.

Both artists’ inputs for Ace Hotel Kyoto can be viewed in the gallery above.
The “East Meets West” exhibition will show at the hotel gallery until January 10, 2023.

Ace Hotel Kyoto
245-2 Kurumayacho
Kyoto 604-8185

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