SoundCloud’s Latest Episode of “SCENES” Spotlights East African Underground Music

SoundCloud’s Latest Episode of “SCENES” Spotlights East African Underground Music


There’s no doubt that SoundCloud has shifted the way we collectively digest and support rising underground acts and communities, and the success of Nyege Nyege is a shining example of that. The East African underground music movement has been galvanized by this group of homegrown DJs, musicians and artists, rising in prominence in the way many DIY artists do: by taking their narrative into their own hands and shaping their own experience by utilizing independent streaming services like SoundCloud. This comes full circle with the release of the latest episode of SoundCloud’s SCENES, which explores the unique elements of this collective and its singular movement. It will also be accompanied by an all-new album from Nyege Nyege — a first for the streaming platform’s ongoing original series.

The Nyege Nyege collective has been a catalyst in shaping this latest era of SoundCloud culture in East Africa, which has given artists the autonomy and power to work completely under their own pretense. Its dedicated episode, SCENES: East African Underground, features a multitude of artists who have been pushing their boundless genres forth for their respective regions, like Kampire, Slikback, Boutross, Aunty Rayzor and more.

The group is also debuting its all new music compilation, titled Music for the Eagles, which will feature artists including Otim Alpha, Jay Mitta, MC Yallah, Ecko Bazz, KABEAUSHÉ and many more. The alternative sounds coming out of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania will come to life on the 14 never-before released tracks. “SCENES and compilations like Music for the Eagles are focused on driving global music discovery around the trailblazing communities of artists and passionate music fans who are propelling mainstream music trends of tomorrow,” says Leon Sherman, director of editorial at SoundCloud. “From first spotlighting the genre-bending scene, Digicore, to PC Music and Hyperpop, which have swept popular music this year, we are excited to now amplify the future-facing sounds of the East African underground movement and the incredibly influential Nyege Nyege Collective.”

Head to SoundCloud’s YouTube channel to check out SCENES: East African Underground.
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