Some top YouTube stars applauded the company's change to its copyright infringement tools

Some top YouTube stars applauded the company's change to its copyright infringement tools

  • Some prominent YouTube influencers are praising the company after its latest update, which included new tools to make it easier for creators to identify flagged copyrighted material in videos.
  • Before the update, creators had to search through videos to pinpoint the potential infringement. Now, a new time stamp feature identifies the policy violation.
  • YouTube stars like Philip DeFranco and Mr. Beast applauded the company on Twitter in reaction to the update.
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Some top YouTube creators, including a few with over 20 million subscribers, praised the company after it released its latest update on tools to fight copyright infringement.

Before the update, creators couldn’t tell which specific part of a video was flagged for having potentially copyrighted material. That meant these creators had to search through the video to find where it violated YouTube’s policy. With this update, time stamps will pinpoint what section of the video creators should change, which they can then edit directly on YouTube. These changes were outlined in a companyblog post on July 9.

Here are a few of the notable names that commented on the change:

Philip DeFranco, known for his channelThe Philip DeFranco Show with 6 million subscribers on YouTube, tweeted, “Oh woah! A genuinely good change, if it works as explained.”

Known online as “Mr. Beast,” Jimmy Donaldson, who has 21.5 million YouTube subscribers, tweeted, “Thank you! It sucks how much money we’ve lost up to this point but I’m glad you finally fixed the biggest issues! I love you”

British YouTube personality, Daniel Robert Middleton, known online asDanTDM with 21 million YouTube subscribers tweeted, “This is great progress good job!”

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