Sideswipe: October 16: Painting faces and fake accounts

Sideswipe: October 16: Painting faces and fake accounts


Political trolls get busy

Ron Hawker noticed that on Jacinda Ardern’s Facebook page Joanne Newbury from the UK leaves a comment that the PM was doing a great job for the country followed by a heart emoji.”Three minutes later someone called Samantha Herrington commented:”It only appears that way through fabricated international media trying to make a buck. It’s actually terrible here and this government are bankrupting the country.” A closer look at Samantha’s photo and …hang on, isn’t that American comedic actress Busy Phillips pinched from an juice ad she was in? Why yes, yes it is. (Hat tip to Ron Hawker)

When copywriting goes wrong

Not sure this restaurant idea will fly

Last Singapore Airlines launch “flights to nowhere” that just take off, circle the airport, and then land. Now the airline is using the jetliners as pop-up restaurants. Since Singapore Airlines has an excellent reputation for in-flight food, this may draw customers. Fast Company reports: “Customers had the option of buying tickets in different classes, with a meal in a first class suite priced at $474 compared to an $39 economy class meal. Both meals will take place on planes at Singapore’s Changi Airport, which is the company’s hub.”

Just rock up to any polling booth

Last day to vote tomorrow…if you haven’t got your easy vote card, doesn’t matter…You canstill cast a vote. You don’t even need to be enrolled as you can do that at the polling booth if you are eligible. Your ballots will be counted as special votes.

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