Sideswipe: July 07: There’s only one way to put out that oil fire

Sideswipe: July 07: There’s only one way to put out that oil fire


Luna Hilton

Back in 1967, as the first landing on the moon approached, Hilton prepared plans for opening hotels in space. The company envisioned first opening an Orbiter Hilton, soon to be followed by a Lunar Hilton. Details from an article in the Boston Globe (July 20, 1969): The first moon tourists will enjoy comfortable Earth-style living in a tri-level underground resort. Bottom level will contain mechanical equipment and the centre level will consist of two 400ft guest corridors containing 100 rooms. Top level will be for public space. Hilton said the three floors will eliminate elevators and should minimise power requirements. Multi-storey underground moon hotels will come later. Guest rooms will have wall-to-wall television for closed circuitry views of space and to receive programmes from Earth. A nuclear reactor kitchen will prepare dehydrated freeze-dried foods. Cleaning will be done by small laser units. The Lunar Hilton’s most popular spot will probably be the Galaxy Lounge, where thermopane windows will provide a view of outer space and Earth. Pre-measured, pre-cooled, “instant” drinks will be served by push buttons.

Belting out Barbra

When I was a child, my mother, Cherry, and I would sing Barbra Streisand duets in the car, each taking turns belting out Barbra’s parts. During summer, when the Indianapolis neighbourhood boys played basketball, I joined my mother for living-room aerobics. We spent countless afternoons watching our favourite soap opera, Guiding Light. In college, I told her I was gay. “Oh, thank God!” she said. “I didn’t think this day would ever come. I’ve known since you were 4.” She adored having a gay son and waited almost two decades for me to love that about myself as well. (Via Tiny Love Stories)

How to weigh a koala

Did you know …

1. There are more pet tigers in the US than there are wild tigers in the world.
2. African Matabele ants carry injured colleagues back to the nest after battle to tend to their wounds. They have a triage system; dying ants aren’t treated but those missing a leg or two are. Apart from humans, they’re the only organisms known to do this.
3. In an experiment conducted in Moscow, people had to answer questions about politics and have a drink every 12 minutes. The study ran for 1.5 hours and has shown that the more people drank, the more they began to support the government.

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