'Resident Evil 4' Will Be Playable in Virtual Reality Next Month

'Resident Evil 4' Will Be Playable in Virtual Reality Next Month


Resident Evil 4 will be available to play in VR on Facebook‘s Oculus Quest 2 beginning October 21, the company announced on Monday.

The survival-horror game, which was originally released on Nintendo GameCube in 2005 with a third-person view, will now be playable from a first-person perspective for the first time. Players can engage in gameplay in both seated and standing positions using the Oculus Touch controllers. VP of content at Facebook Reality Labs Mike Verdu claims the game “will bring new richness and depth to the Resident Evil experience you know and love.”

Resident Evil 4’s move into VR, which was first announced in April, will be exclusive to the Quest 2, meaning the game will not be playable on Facebook’s original Oculus Quest.

Along with the official release date’s announcement, Oculus shared a new gameplay trailer for the virtual reality title, showcasing how the gaming company re-engineered the popular game’s standard set-up to accommodate for first-person movement.

Players will still be able to move using the analog stick; however, gaming company Armature Studio included a full upper-body rig on top of Leon’s character to integrate his in-game interactions with the dual-handed connection achieved with the Oculus Touch controllers. Additionally, weapons and items have been recreated as physical objects that players can pick up and interact with, and instead of flipping through a menu to switch out weapons, players can simply grab them off their bodies.

Take a look at the gameplay trailer above.

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