PXG Introduces New Performance-Focused 0311 X GEN4 Driving Iron

PXG Introduces New Performance-Focused 0311 X GEN4 Driving Iron


PXG is known for its attention to building performance golf clubs that are premium, with intricate welding and polishing techniques. The new PXG 0311 X GEN4 Driving Iron features leading-edge technology to yield accuracy and distance.

The PXG 0311 X GEN4 Driving Iron is energized for top-notch performance in windy conditions. The tour-inspired construction delivers a low, cutting ball flight on tapered fairways and in unfavorable weather surroundings. Its design incorporated proprietary XCOR technology, which is fabricated with a polymer material to deliver more face movement and forgiveness. A noteworthy mention is its extremely lightweight nature, that offers low spin and faster ball speeds. Also, the back exterior is milled – a high-precision process that helps frame a high-performance body design. Lastly, the precision weighting technology in the shape of a sizable weight is revealed close to the center-of-gravity on the rear portion of the club head makes it possible for golfers to exploit different swing weights during a fitting for the best possible customized capabilities.

The PXG Xtreme 0311 X GEN4 Driving Iron retails for $275 USD and is available for purchase on the PXG official website.

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