Prince Harry Is Reportedly a New Man, Thanks to Wife Meghan Markle

Prince Harry Is Reportedly a New Man, Thanks to Wife Meghan Markle


If you ever need proof of the transformative power of love, take a look inside the royal family. According to a longtime royal reporter, Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle has changed him — so much so, in fact, that Harry is practically on a “different planet” now that the Duchess of Sussex is by his side.

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe, who has been writing about Harry since the prince’s teen years, opened up to The Sun’s Fabulous Digital about the metamorphosis he’s witnessed over the years. “He’s on a different planet from the Harry we’ve seen develop from a teen to an adult to an army officer to the most popular member of the royal family,” said Larcombe. “It’s worlds away from how Harry has been for his life.” Having said that, Larcombe sees Harry and Meghan as a “true love story.” He believes the change has been good for the royal, saying, “I think he’s the happiest now he’s ever been. He’s still caught in a whirlwind romance, and when people get married they do change.”

For Harry, that entails enjoying so-called out-of-character activities like getting pedicures and massages with his wife, to becoming less of a rolling stone and more of a family man.

It’s possible, insinuated Larcombe, that part of the pushback against Meghan has been due to just how different Harry is since meeting her. “Harry is saying all the right things but saying them in a way that is so un-Harry, that perhaps people who have identified with him for years are thinking, ‘What’s going on?’ ‘What’s gotten into Harry?’”

People can be resistant to change, and so the logic goes that — with a figure so publicly adored as Harry — change might be particularly uncomfortable for some. “You can make a whole list of the points, from not revealing who the godparents are, not allowing a fixed point for the media at the christening,” Larcombe rattled off recent complaints against the Sussexes. “Certain people are being given enough ammunition to fire against the two of them.”

But c’mon, if Harry was still the same guy he was as a teen or hard-partying 20-something flouting any sort of social responsibility, people would undoubtedly take issue with that, too. People grow and change, and, judging by Larcombe’s comments, it seems as though Meghan is helping Harry become the best version of himself.

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