Primark mannequin fail has women in hysterics as it’s actually very accurate

Primark mannequin fail has women in hysterics as it’s actually very accurate


Any woman will be able to tell you the frustration that can come with sleeping in a strappy pyjama top.

When you go to bed, everything is covered up and where it should be – but when you wake in the morning this simply isn't the case.

It's very likely that the straps will have slipped off your shoulder in the night, leaving your chest awkwardly exposed.

Much like the Primark mannequin in a photo which has gone viral on social media.

A woman named Charlie spotted the clothing malfunction and shared the snap on Twitter .

The picture shows a mannequin in the pyjama section of the store, wearing a Lion King-themed set of shorts and a top.

One of the straps has fallen right down the model's arm, causing it to flash customers in the shop as they pass by.

Charlie, who tweets under the username @charlougray couldn't help but notice how relatable the whole thing was.

She shared the photo, writing: "This Primark mannequin is accurately demonstrating how women wake up when they sleep in a strappy top."

More than 11,000 people liked her tweet with over 1,500 sharing it and hundreds responding to share their own embarrassing stories.

"My boobs get tangled in the straps," confessed a fellow user.

A second replied: "Yes mate. Mine fall out the middle."

A third person said: "OMG RIGHTTTTT?!?!"

A fourth added that their pyjama top also often ends up back to front by the morning, while someone else admitted that their boobs had fallen out in front of their nephew.

"I got out of bed once looking like this," she recalled. "My little nephew was staring at me and said 'Auntie Dee, dress yourself'."

Another pointed out that it was also an accurate representation of drunk women too.

Many others were left in hysterics by the whole thing and just replied with crying laughing emojis or wrote "hahahahaha".

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