Post Malone Calls NASA Astronauts on the ISS for Earth Day

Post Malone Calls NASA Astronauts on the ISS for Earth Day


NASA has posted a new video capturing a conversation between Post Malone and two astronauts currently stationed at the International Space Station. While cutting between timelapse footage of the ISS flying over Earth at speeds of 17,500 mph, we hear from two crew members aboard expedition 69, Stephen Bowen and Woody Hoburg, as they discuss their favorite views from the orbiting laboratory , how their visit to space changed how they see our planet, and what makes Earth so special.

For his first question, Malone asks what kind of weather can be seen from a bird-eye view.

“That’s actually my favorite thing to do just looking out the window,” Bowen responds. “I spent a lot of time at sea and we got a lot of ocean to look at, so I look at the cloud patterns. One one of the most amazing things we get to watch is, when I was doing a workout, I started noticing flashes. Lightning storms at night are absolutely incredible and the size of them can be absolutely amazing. They can stretch over large portions of any land mass and it’s just amazing to watch the weather in that way.”

“You realize the frequency of lightning strikes over a large area,” adds Hoburg. “There’s lightning striking somewhere on earth pretty much all the time.”

Noticing it is Hoburg’s first trip to the space, Malone asked him what were his first impressions. Before he came up, people told him two things to look out for: the absence of borders and just how thin the atmosphere is. The third point he noticed himself is just how much he loves earth. While his time in space has been incredible, he looks forward to returning home.

“I look down at all these places that I’ve visited before that are special to me or in the future I would love to go see just becase of the amazing perspective from up here. So we have a super special planet and getting to see it from this perspective really drives that home,” he says.

Reflecting on earth day, Bowen speaks also on his love for the planet, calling it his personal favorite.

“It’s an amazing planet. My favorite planet,” he says. “It’s incredible to look at and every time you have an opportunity to see it from this perspective, you realize what an incredible civilization as a whole that allows us to be able to do this. I grew up carrying buckets of cement with my dad for work and this is just absolutely amazing.”

Catch the full interview above. More NASA Earth Day events can be found here.

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