Nintendo Announces Retro 'Zelda' 35th-Anniversary Game & Watch Handheld

Nintendo Announces Retro 'Zelda' 35th-Anniversary Game & Watch Handheld


Fans of Zelda were treated to a number of exciting upcoming releases at this year’s E3. While The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 announcement was one of the biggest unveilings for Nintendo, amongst a slew of other big releases, the gaming giant continued to release more Zelda news in celebration of the franchise’s 35th anniversary.

Another announcement came in the form of a brand new Game & Watch handheld game loaded with three classic Zelda games: The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, and Link’s Awakening. The handheld also comes with a remake of Vermin where Link replaces the original character.

Unlike the Mario 35th-anniversary version, this version of the Game & Watch comes in a green colorway, but is equipped with the same LCD display and USB Type-C charging port. Look for the handheld to release on November 12 for a price of $49.99 USD.

In other gaming news, Age of Empires IV has finally announced its release date.
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