Netflix Releases First Trailer for New Superhero Film 'Thunder Force'

Netflix Releases First Trailer for New Superhero Film 'Thunder Force'


Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are unlikely superhero best friends in Netflix’s new film Thunder Force.

Netflix has officially released the trailer for the superhero film, which follows two best friends as they acquire a new set of superpowers. The superhero comedy is directed by Ben Falcone, McCarthy’s husband who also worked with her on projects such as Life of the Party and HBO Max‘s Superintelligence. With Thunder Force, Falcone is expected to poke fun at some of the traditional comic book superhero tropes while promising to deliver good-hearted laughs.

The trailer sees McCarthy’s character, Lydia reunites with her best friend, Emily played by Spencer. Lydia accidentally injects herself with a super strength formula, giving rise to the first real-life superhero team.

Thunder Force is amongst one of 71 original Netflix films planning to release this year. Netflix enthusiasts can expect other films to debut in April such as South Korean drama, Night in Paradise, an Amanda Seyfried-led horror film, Things heard and Seen and Japanese psychological thriller, Ride or Die.

The film is set to make its streaming debut on April 9.

Check out the trailer for Netflix’s Thunder Force above.

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