Netflix Declares ‘Squid Game’ Its Biggest Show Ever

Netflix Declares ‘Squid Game’ Its Biggest Show Ever


Following Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos’ prediction that Squid Game was on the way to topping the streaming service’s charts, the K-drama series has officially cemented itself as the most popular show to hit the platform.

Yesterday evening, October 12, Netflix announced the news on Twitter and said that the show had officially reached 111 million fans.

The last time Netflix reported viewership data in September, the Regency era-set drama Bridgerton held first place with 82 million viewers. With a winning margin of almost 30 million people, Squid Game not only dominates rankings but poses a serious challenge to future shows on the platform seeking to trump that.

Netflix Asia’s MinYoung Kim recently revealed why Squid Game has become such a global phenomenon, explaining that one of the factors of its popularity is that “the most locally authentic shows will travel best, so having a show that’s about really authentic Korean games and characters.”

Squid Game has a lot of those memorable, meme-able moments that people can play around with and which drive conversation,” Kim continued.

On its way to the top, some of the other top-ranked series Squid Game beat out include The Witcher and Stranger Things.

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