NAMESAKE Recalls Its First Taste of the American Dream in SS21 "MUSCLE MEMORY" Lookbook

NAMESAKE Recalls Its First Taste of the American Dream in SS21 "MUSCLE MEMORY" Lookbook


NAMESAKE has just debuted its second collection titled “MUSCLE MEMORY” for Spring/Summer 2021. Where the first collection “FAMILY MATTERS” focused on the father of the three brothers of NAMESAKE and their connection to the sport of basketball, this new collection does continue as a family memento of sorts but brings to light a specific moment for the three — a family trip to Hawaii in 2007.

It was this trip that gave the Taiwanese brothers their first taste of the “American Dream.” It was there that they learned of Japanese-American politician Patsy Mink and her push for opening doors for women and minorities in America. It was Mink’s stance on females in sports that inspired the three as they were so heavily invested in basketball. This collection moves away from the patriarch of the family and sheds light on the strength of motherhood. It’s the balance between masculinity-femininity superimposed on NAMESAKE’s ever-present sports-agriculture narrative.

For this collection, we see that femininity-masculinity come out in details like fluid paneling, bottoms with volume, shoulder lines, crochet panels, all on staples pieces like the varsity jacket, herringbone coat, blazers, and knitted vest. Also, as a nod to the 2000s, pieces like the hoodies and shirts receive graphics that pay homage to Mink’s saying, “what you endure is who you are.” These items blend together elements of hip-hop, sports, and references to Hawaii. The collection is not genderless, but rather gender-combined.

NAMESAKE comments on the collection with: “It was in our adolescence. We were overly active and sporty. Everything was oddly unfamiliar to us. Every action and landscape felt like strong stimulations and stings. Now in 2020, when we lost our mobility, these family memories became as vivid as April 1st, 2007, when school reopened and all we had in mind was still Hawaii.”

Check out the lookbook above and shop to collection over at DSM London.

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